Will Smith’s Meltdown at the Oscars

On Sunday evening , 27 March 2022, in Los Angeles actor Will Smith shocked the world when he hit Chris Rock in the face during the Academy Awards. Mr. Smith was apparently miffed by one of the comedian’s jokes which poked fun at Smith’s wife’s bald hair style:  “Jada, I love ya. G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” Smith became enraged that his wife had been singled out in this way and later, during his acceptance speech, he explained that the Devil had come for him at his highest moment, that love makes you do crazy things, and that God was calling on him to love and protect people, and in the process you’ve got to be able to take abuse and disrespect and pretend that that’s okay. Apparently, Chris Rock was unaware that Jada had a medical condition which was causing her hair loss.

Although Mr. Smith refused to apologize immediately to Chris Rock, he eventually issued an apology to the comedian and stated publicly that “violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive. My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable.” Watching Smith acceptance speech from Sunday evening, it becomes apparent that he was in the midst of some type of emotional turmoil, probably with long-standing roots in his past. Subsequent to the incident, several commentators have pointed out a description of Smith’s childhood trauma at age 9, which he describes in his autobiography. For example, Dr. Melissa Hankins argues that Smith’s assault on Chris Rock was a response to his childhood trauma, which Smith himself describes as follows:

And I was probably 9, and I watched my father beat up my mother. And I was too scared to do anything. And just on my young mind, it became imprinted.

It’s like, what kind of kid stands there and lets somebody hit their mother and they don’t do anything, you know? And that became really the core trauma of my childhood that my personality and my persona became to form around, to be the opposite of that, you know? I was never going to be scared again.”

“What was really difficult for me is my father’s my hero,” he said. “My father’s the greatest person I’ve ever known, and that dichotomy breaks a young mind, you know? It’s like, how do you love somebody who did that?

“That really just became the central core of the wound that I was overcoming throughout my childhood, and then ultimately throughout my life.”

One could argue fairly convincingly that Smith’s meltdown at the Academy Awards was triggered by his equating Chris Rock’s joke about his wife’s haircut to the violent physical abuse which his father inflicted on his mother, as he stood helplessly by, powerless to protect the woman he loved.

Does this trauma show up in his natal chart? Here is his chart based on the data from astro.com (Rodden rating A).

NameSmith, Will Gender: M
BirthnameWillard Christopher Smith, Jr.
born on25 September 1968 at 21:47 (= 9:47 PM )
PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, 39n57, 75w10
TimezoneEDT h4w (is daylight saving time)

For issues of traumatic wounds that won’t heal, one can look to both Chiron and Pluto. In Smith’s chart, Chiron at 0 Aries 59′ Rx opposes his natal Sun (at 3 Libra 03′) and is quincunx his natal Mars (at 2 Virgo 41′) in the 4th house of his parents and early family life. If we take the Sun, ruler of the 4th, to represent his father, we see that the Sun is conjunct Uranus across the Virgo/Libra sign boundary, suggesting erratic and unpredictable behavior on his father’s part. Natal Mars is closely semi-sextile the Sun, which I find repeatedly to be a stressful aspect as the two planets are “in aversion” and unintegrated.

Smith also has a stressful yod (finger of God, or finger of fate) configuration. Pluto (at 23 Virgo 03′) is sextile to his Moon/Neptune conjunction (midpoint at 22 Scorpio 48′), with all three of these planets in quincunx to Saturn (at 23 Aries 34′ Rx) on the 12th Placidus house cusp (at 23 Aries 24′). This yod ties the Moon (his emotional life) and Pluto closely to 12th house issues. This symbolism is certainly consistent with his childhood trauma at age 9. Yod’s are powerful configurations in natal charts and often indicate that the native feels fated to pursue a special (God-given) mission or purpose in life. In Smith’s case, by his own admission, one of his life’s purposes became to protect the women he loves from abusive men. With so much stressful involvement of the Pluto, Neptune and Saturn with the Moon in his birth chart, he might benefit from psychoanalysis or intensive psychotherapy to resolve these childhood issues regarding his abusive father so that they don’t continue to interfere with his adult life.

We can now ask whether these natal chart factors became activated at the time of his assault on Chris Rock. Because the Moon is so intimately involved in his emotional state and the yod in his natal chart, I compared his natal chart with the Lunar Return for the period of the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

Inside: Lunar Return for Los Angeles, in effect during the Awards.
Outside: the natal chart of Will Smith

Will Smith’s lunar return (inner wheel) during the time of the Academy Awards occurred on 21 March 2022, about a week before the event. Libra rises in the lunar return, making Venus the ruler of the return Ascendant in Los Angeles. Transiting Venus is besieged between malefics Mars and Saturn in the lunar return chart in the 4th house of home and family. Transiting Pluto (symbolically linked to abuse) is closely conjunct the 4th cusp of the lunar return chart. Transiting Venus is conjunct his natal MC, highlighting themes of love, marriage and affection. His natal Saturn (outer wheel) closely conjoins the lunar return 7th cusp (marriage) and opposes the return Ascendant. The lunar return Sun (at 0 Aries 30′) closely conjoins his natal Chiron. On 27 March 2022, when he slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, transiting Mercury (speech, communication) was exactly conjunct the position of the Sun in his lunar return for this period. The lunar nodal axis (related to fateful events because eclipses occur near this axis) of the lunar return passes directly through Smith’s natal Moon/Neptune conjunction, which is part of his natal yod, involving natal Pluto and natal Saturn. The New Moon of 31 March 2022 in Los Angeles occurred at 11 Aries 30′, almost exactly conjunct Chiron of the lunar return.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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4 Responses to Will Smith’s Meltdown at the Oscars

  1. Scott Silverman says:

    Anthony what would be even more interesting is a timed event chart (or event horary) for when Will Smith slapped him! Did you look at that? The problem with this trauma theory is that WillS mith initially laughed at the joke made by Chris Rock but htem saw his wif was not amused and was, in the word sof comedian Bill Maher, giving him ‘the stinkeye’.

    The most interesting takes on this moment for the USA were you tube commentaries by Russell Brand and Bill Maher’s exposition on the matter in the latest episode of his show Real Time with Bill Maher. Here are links to both.

    Btw I’d like to talk with you about the possibility of your doing an hour – 90 minute lecture for the Astrological Society of Kentucky (ASK) They pay a $100 and it’s a nice small 25-40 intermediate level group. If we could zoom or chat briefly about the matter, that would be great.

    I often encourage speakers to revisit a topic that they found interesting in the past or focus upon new research they’ve been working on- basically to expound upon a topic that intrigues the speaker but would help hone the skills set of the group. It can be a magnified focus upon a small scale topic that interests you. The Society meets online via zoom the second Friday of every month and the meetings run from 7 pm -900, 9:30 EST/EDT. Some folks go a bit longer if the Q and A becomes interesting.

    scott Silverman

    On Sun, Apr 3, 2022 at 6:41 AM Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot Blog wrote:

    > Anthony Louis posted: ” On Sunday evening , 27 March 2022, in Los Angeles > actor Will Smith shocked the world when he hit Chris Rock in the face > during the Academy Awards. Mr. Smith was apparently miffed by one of the > comedian’s jokes which poked fun at Smith’s wife’s bald hair ” >

  2. Hi Scott,

    It would be fun to speak with your group in Kentucky. Regarding an event chart, I don’t have an exact time for when Smith slapped Rock, but that chart would be worth looking at.

  3. Del Strachen says:

    Thank you for this insightful delineation. How did you decide to use the Lunar return chart?

    Venus is the final dispositor, yet Taurus is intercepted. While the Moon in Scorpio rules rules the second and third. The two archetypical feminine planets in the same house of health, are in states that are mirror images of one another. Venus disposits all of the planets, the Moon disposes none. Venus is in its rulership, the Moon is in it’s Fall. Venus losses a house to rule, Moon gains a house to rule. Venus is conjunct the rational Mercury, the Moon is conjunct the illusory Neptune.

    • Hi Del,
      Good to hear from you. My decision to use the lunar return was based on the very emotional acceptance speech which Will Smith gave when he was awarded the Oscar. I wondered what emotional state he was in during this period and felt that his current lunar return would give an overall picture of his emotional life during that lunar cycle.

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