Mr. J and the Wynn Key Cycle

Recently I’ve been re-reading some old books and articles by Sidney K. Bennett, aka Wynn. In the January 1937 edition of Wynn’s Astrology Magazine, I came across an interesting case in which Wynn advices a client, Mr. J, about an affair he is having with his secretary behind his wife’s back. Wynn’s advice to Mr. J is derived from his interpretation of the client’s Key Cycle Chart at the time of the consultation.

The Case of Mr J and his Affair with his Secretary

Mr. J, a businessman, consulted Wynn on 16 September 1927. He was involved romantically with his secretary and wanted to rent an apartment and live with her. According to the client, his wife would understand perfectly because they had been married in name only for the past 10 years. His question to Wynn was whether the secretary really loved him or was just after his money. He did not want to divorce his wife because his son and daughter might be upset, and it might also damage his reputation in the community. His business often involved him with religious organizations.

Wynn analyzed the Key Cycle Return of the date of the consultation and warned Mr. J that his wife would pursue legal action against him if he moved in with his secretary, and this would cause a scandal that could damage his business and reputation. How did Wynn arrive at these conclusions?

Wynn begins with the Ascendant of Mr. J’s Key Cycle Return because it symbolizes what in going in his life at that time and place. In the 16 Sep 1927 Key Cycle chart, Pisces rises. Because Wynn believed that Neptune rules Pisces, he viewed transiting Neptune in Leo in the 6th house (secretaries, subordinates, employees) as representing his foggy-headed and unrealistic view of the affair with his secretary. In addition, Mr. J had natal Neptune in the  5th house (children, love affairs) of his birth chart, consistent with his starry-eyed attitude toward romance and his willingness to deceive his children.

In general, Wynn regarded Pisces rising in the Key Cycle chart as indicating a restless period during which the native will make decisions based on emotion than a rational and realistic assessment of a situation. There will be an interest in younger persons and many outpourings of affection. During this Pisces-rising period, there will also be opportunities to advance one’s career interests and to enhance one’s reputation. Because Wynn believed that Neptune ruled Pisces, he looked to the house position and aspects of transiting Neptune to further delineate how the Key Cycle Pisces Ascendant might manifest.

Traditional astrologers would look to Jupiter as ruler of Pisces on the 1st cusp of the Key Cycle chart. Transiting Jupiter conjoins Uranus (disruption, breakups) across the Pisces/Aries sign boundary and is opposed by the transiting Mercury/Mars conjunction in the 7th house (open enemies, lawsuits), which is ruled by Mercury. Mars, in turn, rules the 8th (joint finances, crises) and 9th (legal concerns, religious organizations) cusps.

My reconstruction by modern computer of Mr. J’s Key Cycle chart for this consultation with Wynn on 16 September 1927. The cusps of this chart are based on Wynn’s method of progressing the current Solar Return Angles. The planets are the transits at the time of the consultation.

The transiting Sun, ruler of the Key Cycle 6th (secretaries) occupies the 7th (spouse, sexual partner, lawsuits) and opposes Asc-ruler Jupiter (the native and what’s going on in his life at the time). The ruler of the 6th in the 7th also indicates that the secretary would be willing to marry him or at least engage in a sexual relationship with him.

The MC rules his occupation and reputation in the community. In the September Key Cycle chart, the South Lunar Node conjoins the MC. The 6th ruler Sun almost exactly squares the Key Cycle MC from the 7th house of marriage, partnerships and lawsuits. Additionally, the Moon rules the 5th house of love affairs, which has Pluto on its cusp. The 5th ruler Moon is closely applying to oppose Saturn in the 9th (legal affairs), and Saturn rules the 12th of scandal and personal undoing. These are warnings that Mr. J’s contemplated action of renting an apartment and moving in with his secretary will likely cause damage to his business and standing in the community.

Furthermore, because one degree passes over the Key Cycle MC roughly every 4 days, in about 8o x 4 days, or 32 days (roughly a month later), Saturn will become the ruler of his Key chart’s MC, which signifies his career and reputation. Eyeballing the chart, we can see that when Capricorn rises to govern the Key Cycle’s MC, early Aries will likely be on the Ascendant, Saturn will be in the unfortunate 8th house, Jupiter will be in the 12th of scandal and undoing, Uranus will be angular near the eastern horizon, and Mars will be angular near the Descendant. This combination of astrological factors is especially challenging.

Mr. J completely ignored Wynn’s advice. In fact, he became angry and stormed out of the meeting. Thirty-six days later, on 22 October 1927, Wynn read in the newspaper that Mr. J’s wife, accompanied by the local police, raided the apartment where her husband was living with his secretary. The scandal cost him dearly. He ended up selling the business to a junior partner. His wife sued for divorce and received a large settlement and, because of the publicity, the secretary left him.

In the Key Cycle chart for 22 October 1927, we find Aries rising, making Mars the Ascendant ruler at the time. Interestingly, Mr. J’s natal Mars lies at 28o Cancer 32’ in partile square to transiting Mars at 28o Libra 16’ in the 7th house of marriage and lawsuits. His natal Mars also happens to occupy his 7th house in the birth chart.

Wynn also notes that transiting Mars is four houses away from natal Mars in a partile square. Thus, the current partile square between natal and transiting Mars particularly affects his family and domestic life.

In both Key Cycle charts, his natal Mars occupies the 5th house of love affairs. With Cancer on the 5th cusp of the Key chart, the transiting Moon rules the affair with his secretary. The Moon in the October Key Cycle chart lies on the Descendant, opposes transiting Uranus on the Ascendant, and square the MC (career, reputation, authority figures).

Finally, in the 22 October 1927 Key Cycle chart for Mr. J, Mercury rules Virgo (intercepted in the 6th of employees) and occupies the 8th together with Saturn, ruler of the 12th of scandals and undoing. Transiting Mercury applies to square transiting Neptune (fantasy, illusion, unrealistic assessment) in the 6th of his secretary. Mercury also rules the Key chart’s 3rd of news reports. Based on angularity, the transiting Moon opposite Uranus aspect, from the 7th to the 1st cusps, dominates this chart. In the 22 October Key Cycle chart the Moon rules both the 4th (his domestic life) and the 5th (his children and love affairs).

My reconstruction by modern computer of the Key Cycle Chart of Mr. J for 22 October 1927, when his affair with his secretary became a matter of public scandal in the local news, as Wynn had warned might happen.

Wynn’s original Key Cycle figures for Mr. J from his 1937 article:

Wynn’s original Key Cycle charts for Mr. J from the Jan 1937 article. Mars in bold print is the natal planet. The other planets are the transits of the moment.

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2 Responses to Mr. J and the Wynn Key Cycle

  1. Caroline says:

    dear Anthony , I’m very interested in this but I never before your posts heard of this key cycle. Could you please do a beginner’s guide to these charts ? An abc how to construct and why. Where they come from etc. The sort of thing you might write for a newbie , almost. Sorry to bother you , but I would like to be able to understand ! I don’t see how one can progress a solar return. You are very knowledgable so its obviously worth finding out ! And I’ve had a longstanding interest in solar returns.
    from Caroline ( in Bristol , UK )
    PS its not often these days people mention something I haven’t even heard of ! so have some brownie points for that !

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