Miss L and the Wynn Key Cycle

In the last post we looked at Wynn’s delineation of the chart of Mr. J’s Key Cycle. In the 1930s and 40s Wynn continued to publish articles in his astrological magazine with other case examples of the use of the Key Cycle, including the chart of Miss L which I will summarize here.

At the time she consulted Wynn, Miss L (born 27 March 1908) was a woman in her 20s who was interested in a career as a writer or journalist. Wynn does not give details of her place or time of birth. When she met with Wynn, Miss L was a student of journalism at the university. He studied her birth chart and her Key Cycle Returns and predicted that she would obtain a job as a writer in 1927 around the time that transiting Jupiter and Uranus would conjoin her natal Saturn, and she would also need to change her residence to accept the job. Wynn’s predictions turned out to be accurate.

Prior to 1927, Miss L had done research for an elderly gentleman, who was impressed with her skills and who had connections to the news industry. Unbeknownst to Miss L, this older man has given her contact information to a colleague in a news syndicate which was seeking a writer for a new feature about child welfare. The news syndicate contacted Miss L in 1927 and hired her for the new position, which involved her relocating to a different city.

How did Wynn arrive at this prediction?

Natal and Wynn Key Return chart of 1927 for Miss L, as provided by Wynn in his journal article

Given Wynn’s description of Miss L’s chart and Key Cycle Return, I was able to approximate the charts by modern computer. Wynn began by studying the significations of the planets in the natal chart. Because Miss L was interested in career matters, Wynn paid close attention to the MC, its ruler and any planets in the 10th.

Jupiter is the most angular and most elevated planet in the natal chart. Jupiter occupies the 10th of career and is exalted in Cancer, the sign on the 10th cusp. Jupiter in Leo is in a favorable trine to both Saturn and the Sun in Aries in the 6th (service). Jupiter rules the natal 3rd (news, writing, journalism) and 5th (children, fun, games, romance). Mercury, which rules writing, occupies the 5th of children and trines the Moon’s North Node and Neptune in the 9th (publishing, distant travel).

Jupiter’s closest aspect in a trine to Saturn in the 6th. Saturn rules the natal 4th (home, domestic life, early childhood environment) and disposes Uranus in Capricorn in the 3rd (innovative writing) and the 10th-ruler (career) Moon in Aquarius in the 4th.

Approximation by modern computer of Miss L’s natal chart.

During the consultation Wynn noticed an upcoming conjunction of transiting Jupiter and Uranus to natal Saturn, which would occur in the First House of the Key Cycle Return in June of 1927. A key principle of Wynn’s technique is that the natal or transiting planets which are rising toward the Ascendant of the Key Cycle Return chart show the astrological factors that are coming into the life of the native at that time. Alexandre Volguine used a similar principle in his delineation of solar return charts.

Thus, in June of 1927 Miss L can expect the combined significations of Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn to manifest in her life. With natal Jupiter in the 10th at birth and ruling the 10th in the Key Return, career matters become prominent. Transiting Uranus suggests an unexpected change or opportunity. Natal Saturn ruling the 4th at birth and conjunct transiting Uranus in the Key Return indicates an expected change of residence. In the Key Return of June 1927, Saturn rules the 11th (older friends or benefactors) and 12th (activity done in secret or behind the scenes) houses. Transiting Saturn at the cusp of the 9th (publishing, long-distance travel) trines natal Saturn as well as the transiting Jupiter/Uranus conjunction.

Approximation of Miss L’s Key Cycle Chart of 14 June 1927, the date of transiting Jupiter conjunct her natal Saturn.

Wynn did not include all the planets in his article. In the chart below one can see other combinations of planets which support his delineation. For example, the transiting Moon at the time of the transiting Jupiter/natal Saturn conjunction is conjunct the natal Part of Fortune in the 9th house. Transiting Pluto is conjunct transiting Mercury, ruler of the Key Cycle 4th in the Key Cycle 4th house. Transiting Sun, which rules Leo in the natal 10th and the cusp of the Key Cycle 5th (work environment) is conjunct natal Pluto (transformation, major change). Transiting Mars, which rules the natal 2nd of income, is conjunct natal 10th-ruler Jupiter.

Inside is the Key Return chart for 14 June 1927, the date of the transiting Jupiter to natal Saturn conjunciton. Outside is Miss L’s natal chart.

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