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The Birth Chart of Abraham Lincoln

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is one of the most notable figures in American history. Unfortunately for astrologers, we do not know his exact birth time, although from historical sources we may be able to narrow it to within a couple … Continue reading

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Rising Signs and Body Type

Recently I was reading an old book from 1911 by Alfred John Pearce, his Textbook of Astrology. In Book I of the anthology, Pearce gives descriptions of individuals based on which sign is rising in their birth chart. I have … Continue reading

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Will the real Dr. J. Heber Smith please stand up?

Years ago I purchased a booklet titled “The Transits of the Planets” from the American Federation of Astrologers. It was advertised as being written by Dr. J. Heber Smith, the mentor of Evangeline Adams whose books first introduced me to … Continue reading

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Dr. J. Heber Smith gets robbed

Dr. J. Heber Smith, professor of medicine at Boston University, is the person who introduced Evangeline Adams to astrology in the late 1800s. We know from Dr. Smith’s obituary that he was born on 5 December 1842 in Bucksport, Maine. … Continue reading

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Astrologer Wilhelm Wulff’s Rectification of Hitler’s Birth Chart

Theodor Heinrich Wilhelm Wulff was born in Hamburg, Germany, on 27 March 1893 at 8:15 AM (Rodden rating AA). In 1912 Wulff came across the horoscopes which Kepler had cast for Wallenstein, initially in 1608 and then a corrected version, … Continue reading

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