The time of the Queen’s passing

As I write this, we still do not have official word of the exact moment of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. According to an article in the Washington Post, “At 6:41 p.m. London time, more than six hours after the murmurs started, the Twitter account of the royal family made the announcement: ‘The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.’ “

Hours earlier there was several unofficial reports that the Queen had died. Perhaps reporters got the information from various sources but could not get official confirmation. For example, at 3:07 PM BST. the BBC anchor Yalda Hakim tweeted “BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth has died aged 96, Buckingham Palace has announced.” Hakim deleted the tweet 12 minutes later, stating that it was incorrect. Nonetheless, the 3:07 PM time is consistent with the later official announcement that the Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

Curious whether there were astrological indications that might time her passing, I looked at the Queen’s natal chart, her tertiary progression (a method I learned from Richard Houck many years ago), and her Wynn Key Cycle chart cast for Balmoral at 3 PM (mid-afternoon) as an approximate time of death.

Queen Elizabeth II natal chart

In her birth chart, Mercury rules the 8th house cusp and must therefore be active at her time of death. Saturn rules the Ascendant (her body and vital forces) and is the most angular and prominent planet in the natal chart.

True tertiary progression (MC at Naibod rate in RA) to 8 Sep 2022 at 3 PM BST

In the tertiary progressed chart, the natal 8th ruler Mercury lies at 20 Libra 18′, and I reasoned that this degree must be significant in the Wynn Key Cycle chart at the time of her demise.

The Queen’s Wynn Key Cycle Chart for 3 pm BST at Balmoral

As expected, the IC of the Key Cycle chart lies at 20 Virgo 17′ 33″ in almost exact semi-sextile to the tertiary progressed Mercury at 20 Libra 18′ in the 4th house of final endings of the Key Cycle chart. In addition, the Moon rules the Ascendant of the Key Cycle chart and occupies the 8th of death, where it conjoins Saturn.

The Moon, Saturn and the Part of Fortune in the 8th house of the Key Cycle chart are closely quincunx the 4th cusp of final endings. I hypothesized that the Queen’s passing likely occurred when the Moon, or the Moon/Saturn midpoint, or the Part of Fortune exactly quincunxed the Key Cycle IC.

The transiting Moon quincunx 20 Virgo 17′ 33″ at about 1:50 PM BST, indicating a possible time of death. Other possible times would be indicated by the exact quincunx of the Moon/Saturn midpoint to the IC, and by the quincunx of the Part of Fortune (which combines the influences of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and its dispositor Saturn, ruler of the 8th) to the IC. I gave more weight to the Moon/Saturn midpoint and to the Part of Fortune than to the transiting Moon acting alone.

The Moon/Saturn midpoint quincunxing the IC is quite significant because of Saturn’s importance in the natal chart and the fact that Saturn was time lord of the Queen’s final years in Ptolemy’s scheme of the Seven Ages of Man. The Moon/Saturn midpoint quincunxed the Key Chart IC at about 2:08 PM BST, another possible time of death.

The Part of Fortune of the Key Cycle Chart quincunxed the IC at about 3:11 PM BST, just four minutes after Yalda Hakim’s “incorrect” tweet about the Queen’s passing. Given the close correlation between Hakim’s 3:07 PM tweet, which was later withdrawn, and the 3:11 PM quincunx of the Part of Fortune to the Key Cycle chart IC, I suspected that the Queen had passed before 3 PM BST, most likely between 2:08 PM (Moon/Saturn midpoint quincunx IC) and 3:11 PM (Part of Fortune quincunx IC). The midpoint between these two time is 2:39 PM BST, and I suspected the Queen may have died close to this time.

Interestingly, astrologer Victor Oliver in a Facebook post on 11 September 2022 commented: “Lady Colin Campbell, who is well connected and reported the death hours before the announcement at 6:30 pm, says she was ‘reliably informed’ that she died at 14:37 at Balmoral. The PM was informed at 4:30 pm.” If Lady Colin Campbell is correct, then the time of death she reported (2:37 PM BST) is quite consistent with the one indicated by the tertiary progression and the Wynn Key Cycle chart. I assume that at some point the Royal Family will report the actual time of the Queen’s passing.

CBS News also reported that “Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss was told at 4:30 p.m. local time (11:30 a.m. Eastern) on Thursday that Queen Elizabeth II had died.” If we calculate the Wynn Key chart for 4:30 PM BST, the IC changes to 20 Virgo 18′ in partile semi-sextile to tertiary progressed Mercury, which rules the natal 8th of death. In other words, at the moment the Prime Minister was informed that Elizabeth II had died, the MC (signifying leaders and prime ministers) was in partile quincunx to the Queen’s tertiary progressed Mercury in the 4th house of endings of the Key Cycle chart.

Addendum (5 Oct 2022):

On September 29th the New York Times reported that the official time of the Queen’s passing on the death certificate was at 3:10 PM BST at Balmoral Castle. The cause of death was “old age.” Here is a direct quote from the Times:

LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II died of “old age,” according to her death certificate, which was released on Thursday by the registrar general of Scotland. The certificate, which lists her occupation as Her Majesty the Queen, also notes that the queen died at 3:10 p.m. on Sept. 8 at Balmoral Castle.

Thus, it appears that the Wynn Key Cycle Return, which suggested two likely times for the Queen’s demise was quite accurate. As described in this blog, the two most likely times suggested by this technique were:

2:08 PM (Moon/Saturn midpoint quincunx IC) and 3:11 PM (Part of Fortune quincunx IC).

Of these two times, the Key Cycle Part of Fortune quincunx the 4th cusp of final endings was the more accurate of the two. Traditionally, the Part of Fortune is linked to physical well-being, and its position in this chart in the 8th house of death, between the Asc-ruler Moon and the 8th ruler Saturn, connected Fortuna symbolically to her passing.

About Anthony Louis

Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.
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13 Responses to The time of the Queen’s passing

  1. AJ says:

    Hi Louis: You mention you learned using tertiary progressions from Richard Houck. Richard used Solar arc in longitude for his progressed tertiary angles yet I noticed you use Naibod in RA for yours. Could you comment please on why you use Naibod rather than SA in longitude?

    • Hi AJ,
      Yes, Richard used SA in longitude, which is a popular way to progress the MC. In a workshop I took, given by Robert Blaschke, Robert also used SA in longitude and found it to be quite accurate with regard to timing. Of the many techniques for progressing the MC, I have found both SA in longitude and Naibod in RA to be effective. Sometimes one gives closer ‘hits’ than the other, and I generally look at both.
      The true SA in longitude method advances the progressed MC by the same arc that the Sun has progressed at a given moment, so essentially it is the solar arc directed MC.
      The Naibod in RA method is Naibod’s modification of Ptolemy’s original method of advancing the MC by one degree of Right Ascension along the Celestial Equator for each year of life. In other words, the right ascension of the MC is progressed at the rate of the MEAN motion of the Sun in right ascension (roughly 3 minutes and 56.5 seconds of equatorial arc per day). This is my preferred rate for Primary Directions, so I tend to use it for secondary progressed charts to be able to see the Primary Directed Angles together with the secondary progressed planets all in one chart.
      Alan Leo, who wrote one of the most influential books on the Progressed Horoscope in the 20th century, used Ptolemy’s original rate of one degree of R.A. over the MC to progress the Midheaven.

  2. AJ says:

    Thanks Anthony for your clear and lucid explanation.

  3. Caroline says:

    I googled lady colin campbell on this , and found her youtube video about it. I recognise the woman. She is well in in royal circles. If she was ” reliably informed ” then a) it certainly was no later , because there is no way she would have done that youtube video , and , b) it is probably correct in as much as any informal information is ( with possibly a minute or two less to allow for human “error” in recording / noting the actual watch time , as obviously it would be a momentous event for any witness ) . This info happens just after 15 mins 40 sec on the youtube video.
    (called the final illness and passing of our queen)

    The almost 2 hour difference in getting round to telling the new and “unknown ” PM truss at 4.30pm fits this death time as well. She wouldn’t feature on any must tell immediately list and would indeed only be told as she is now PM. ie the role was told not her personally.

    This would also fit with why suddenly early in the afternoon news were reporting harry was going up on his own , whereas initially meghan was reported as going as well . I suspect this may be why harry was left off the plane that arrived at aberdeen about 5pm – to avoid meghan. (You cannot believe the vitriolic hatred that has been directed at that woman for years , clearly with palace approval – no wonder they left. The royal family has been very racist , phillip was well known for it. He referred years ago to ” those people with slitty eyes ” and was filmed pulling his eyelids up at each corner (seen on tv) as a “joke”. ) .

    The whole episode has been appalling with wall to wall coverage on every channel and the family have been truly milking the situation including inventing a completely whole new ritual : ” the vigil of the princes” . There was also a rush to proclame him king on saturday …. which NB was done on a VOC moon ( by current definitions)They are trying to get people to accept charles who is much disliked by a large part of the population while camilla is hated.

    [It is also the case that charles gave his mother covid early this year which is what I think put the boot into the original situation of her health. …..]

    You can see this in the news coverage starting off with queen camilla but within a day or so making it always clear “queen consort” . I suspect this may be due to a lot of complaints. The younger generations who did not live through camillagate / dianagate either do not see the point of the royal family or want to skip a generation . They don’t seem to like the pair at all – which I can only put down to netflix ??? Of course there have been masses of tv documentaries with real footage about how they treated diana.
    Including recently this year.

    It has even been pretty much wall to wall on CNN which surprised me – I thought you all had a war to get rid of our royal family ! 🙂

    Thank god its now quietened down ….

    Caroline ( in Bristol , UK

  4. Caroline says:

    Sorry spelling error – I meant proclaim !
    Also phillip was referring to the chinese.

    I also don’t think charles will last long : he looks very unwell and has a reputation as a heavy drinker . There is an eclipse just before his birthday but I haven’t looked at his chart re any of this.

  5. Caroline says:

    dear Anthony : re elizabeth you say mercury must therefore be active at her time of death . What exactly do you mean by ” active ” ???

    • Mercury rules her natal 8th house which signifies death. Therefore, we would expect Mercury to be involved in a significant configuration at the time of her demise by transit, direction, profection, etc.

      • Caroline says:

        aah , a Significant configuration. I assume you mean ptolemaic , altho I have found sesquiquadrates to be dangerous. These and quincunxes are NOT , IMO , “minor aspects ” !

        I’m not really up on profections (altho I wish I were !) but I can see how they would certainly be significant /apply. But directions ? I thought they were progressions and I haven’t seen them as quite that significant . A few more pearls required please !

        By the way I wish you would do a simple and accessible post about zodiacal releasing . chris brennan takes hours and is a genuine darling , but I haven’t yet understood the reasoning behind the releasing of the bond or how to delineate it when the signs change completely . (I land up lost and inattentive when videos go on for hours so its probably my fault )
        Would you count zodiacal releasing ?

  6. Here is a link to the blog post about zodiacal releasing:

    A brief overview of Zodiacal Releasing

    • Caroline says:

      thanks for that ! ❤ , 🙂

      NB – the "official time" of death is now given and IMO = Wrong . They had a lot to cover up = reason. Who was there who was not etc. I think its been fixed to allow for charles being able to be there at balmoral , tho they only say the princess royal was with her . Also to suggest the PM wasn't left out the loop for as long as she was.
      Can your charts indicate if she was encouraged to leave early the way her father was ? (in that case to be in the right edition of the papers). This fact is well known and has been for years.

      (Did you delete my first comment ??? )

      • What is the “official time”? I missed that announcement. Also, I have not deleted any of your prior comments.

      • Caroline says:

        ah , ok . the death certificate and I must be confusing your blog with another one re deleted comment . Sincere Apologies. (I have to say I didn’t think you in particular would do a thing like that , and wasn’t sure about it ).

        The guardian (aka the groan) ( or grauniad : uk in-jokes ) shows photo and it says 15:10 pm and gives “old age” as cause. ….. which it then “groans” about.

        Personally I am not convinced about either. I think she had heart failure due to the covid charles gave her . Old age gives absolutely zero info which is what they would want.
        – And I think several people saying it was earlier suggests it was. Too important a situation to make an error in ADVANCE of her death ! People would have been pulled over the coals for saying she was dead before she was.

        The tweet will have been deleted because it wasn’t following due process ie certain people had to be informed first before any public announcement.
        What I would like to know is the time lady campbell uploaded her video !

        The death certificate time has no legal ramifications in this instance that I am aware of so may just have been when the form was filled in ?? Perhaps they added an hour ??
        IF charles was at balmoral with camilla then why wasn’t he also actually with his mum like his sister ?
        The doctor was apparently involved with the queen for c. 30 years so I would expect will follow family preferences ….perhaps I am just too suspicious and too used to white washing….. one cannot trust the palace.

        It maybe that the horoscope charts don’t necessarily give the actual time of death per se , but given that she was queen , the societally significant times – such as when the pm was told … – ???

        What does the natal chart suggest ?

        Essentially we have not got any AA type time , but we have got something as in a smaller time window. I hope this all helps you somehow.

        Kind regards , Caroline .

  7. Caroline says:

    specifically , IMO , she died at c. 14.37 pm or before – possibly even 2.07 pm which with human error could become 2.37 pm

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