Birth Time Rectification — A Book Review

Recently I’ve watched a number of videos on birth time rectification by Vedic astrologers. I was particularly interested in the work of V.P. Goel whose books on Yogini Dasha and Divisional Charts are especially instructive. Unfortunately, Mr. Goel does not appear to have written a text on rectification. Wanting to learn more, I read a recent text by Paul Manley entitled Birth Time Rectification in which he explains his experimentation with the rectification methods of K.N. Rao, who used divisional charts to “correct” the birth time of his clients.

Mr. Manley writes clearly in an engaging manner and explains his method step by step, making it appear deceptively easy. The basic premise is that well-timed events in one’s life should show up in the symbolism of the natal chart (D-1) and the relevant divisional charts which are symbolic of the nature of the event. Manley uses the sidereal zodiac with the Lahiri (Chitrapaksha) ayanamsa and the Vimshottari dasha system to time events. By verifying the event in a series of divisional charts, he sequentially narrows the potential birth time by adjusting the possible Ascendant signs of each divisional chart.

Manley mentions D-3 and D-60, but he focuses primarily on D-1 (birth chart), D-4 (relocating), D-7 (childbirth), D-9 (marriage), D-10 (career) and D-24 (higher education). He makes a set of assumptions about the symbolism of events, about which some astrologer may disagree. For example, he uses the 5th house for education, but some Vedic astrologers assign it to the 4th house.

Manley then studies the natal chart and the birth chart to see how the dashas in effect at the time of an event play out in the various charts. He states his basic principle on page 86: “Just to have a connection of the dasha lord with the relevant house, house lord, or karaka in the relevant divisional chart can be enough to justify the event happening.” He notes that a dasha lord in the Ascendant of the divisional chart is highly significant and also reminds us that the planetary significations in the natal chart are always effective, regardless of what the planet symbolizes in the divisional chart. Finally, he makes use of bhavat bhavam (“from house to house”) in his delineations; for example, the 5th house from the 5th house, which is the 9th, will also have 5th house connotations related to childbirth or higher education, which are both 5th house issues.

Having described his method, Manley provides a large number of examples of chart rectification, which can serve as models to learn from. One of the most instructive is taken from his tape recording of K.N. Rao rectifying the birth chart of the Paul Manley’s father back in 1993. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

To test the method, I checked my own chart for the “event” of starting my university education in late August of 1963. The Vimshottari dasha (Lahiri ayanamsa) in effect was Mercury-Rahu-Sun. According the Manley, the karakas (signifiers) of education are Mercury and Jupiter, its divisional chart is D-24, and the relevant houses are the 5th and its bhavat bhavam, the 9th. I had rectified by chart using primary directions and came up with a time of 9:04 AM EWT. My birth certificate gives a time of 9:09 AM, and my father’s journal states 9:05 AM. Here is the D-24 chart (sidereal, Lahiri) based on my chart rectified by primary directions:

D-24 “education” divisional chart based on a 9:04 AM EWT rectification.

If my rectified time is correct, the Ascendant of the D-24 chart lies in Libra. If I were born a little bit earlier, say around 9:03 AM, the D-24 Ascendant would have been in Virgo; and if I were born after 9:09 AM, the D-24 Ascendant would have been in Scorpio.

Given the principles outline by Mr. Manley, the Libra D-24 Ascendant makes the most sense. The mahadasha lord Mercury is a karaka of education and it rules the 9th house (bhavat bhavam of the 5th) in the D-24 chart. The other universal karaka of education is Jupiter, which occupies the 5th house of the D-24 chart. Saturn, which rules the 5th house of D-24, lies in the 9th house and aspect the mahadasha lord Mercury.

The dasha sequence is Mercury – Rahu – Sun. Rahu as the sub-lord of this period lies in the 10th house of D-24 and is disposed by the Moon, which conjoins the 1st-ruler Venus and aspects the Sun in the 1st. Venus is the ruler of the 9th house of higher education in my birth chart and retains its natal 9th house signification is all divisional charts.

The sub-sublord is the Sun, which occupies the Ascendant of the D-24 chart and thus signifies a significant educational event, the beginning of my college education.

Given the superior fitness of the symbolism with a D-24 Libra Ascendant (versus Virgo or Scorpio), I feel confident that my rectification is reasonably accurate, and that I could not have been born before 9:03 AM or after 9:09 AM.

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