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Space-Time and Astrological House Systems

Around 300 BCE the Greek mathematician Euclid wrote his famous treatise on plane geometry. In it, he presented a small number of axioms about the geometry of a plane surface, from which he logically derived the theorems of his system. … Continue reading

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A Medical Horary from 1598

The French astrologer Claude Dariot (1533 – 1594) wrote an influential text about horary astrology, which was translated into English by Fabian Withers and published in London by T. Purfoot under the title A Briefe and Most Easie Introduction to … Continue reading

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What is the “Thema” in Thema Mundi?

The popularization of Hellenistic astrology over the past few decades has introduced the term “Thema Mundi” into modern astrological discourse. Most authors on the topic explain that “thema” means “theme” and is a synonym for “sky map” or “horoscope chart” … Continue reading

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