Anthony Louis is the author of the widely acclaimed Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, Tarot Plain and Simple (Llewellyn Publications), and The Art of Forecasting using Solar Returns.  He has also authored computer reports on secondary progressions, solar returns, and vocational astrology for Halloran Software. He has lectured internationally and has been published widely in astrological literature.  He is a member of NCGR and of the Astrological Society of Connecticut.

His books and e-books are listed at his amazon.com author’s page.

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Review of Tarot Plain and Simple at Aeclectic.net:  http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/books/tarot-plain-simple/

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  1. tracy wilson says:

    Hi Antony, my name is tracy wilson , i am a forty six year old social worker as well as aprofessional rarot reader here in London. I keep your Tarot plain and simple as a constsnt guide and have read it over many times throughout my working tarot journey. I am currently being faced with a situation whereby my daugher is about to go major spinal surgetry, she is 14. (op sch for next week 21st) i am trying to read the cards to find a favourable outcome, as you can imagine i am extremely anxious at this time. I keep drawing negative cards and this is worrying me further. As i know that the oracle often picks up our emotional feelings and vibrations i am wondering if i am causing this? She is a virgo born 24/8/96

    • marilyn says:

      Hi Tracey
      I would be interested to know how your daughter is after her surgery and hope that it was successful and she is in good health. I am also a professional in your line of work with a spiritual practice and would welcome your advice about tarot. Thank you

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Please read my response to your other post. I think we should discuss such a personal matter by email. It’s very difficult to read for oneself when such an important issue is at stake. You stated that you are “trying to read the cards to find a favourable outcome.” My guess is that the tarot is reflecting back your anxieties. My own experience is that tarot readings go best when the reader is neutral with regard to the outcome and willing to accept whatever cards appear. This is not meant to be critical of you, but just to state that reading the cards with the wish to find the answer you desire makes it hard to be objective and thus makes the cards harder to interpret.

    In situations like this I do one of two things. 1) Ask someone else who is not so involved in the situation to do a reading for you. 2) If that is not possible, do a single reading for yourself trusting the the proper cards will appear and avowing that whatever cards they are you will accept them as valid. I then record such a reading in a notebook and keep returning to it as events progress. Often with some distance in time the anxiety diminishes and the cards make more sense. What looks ominous on Monday looks less threatening by Friday and helps clarify the situation.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I certainly understand your worries.


  3. Sanna says:

    Hi, I found your blog via google, writing about Morin Method (book review). I´m looking for information about Morinus House system because I live at the Arctic Circle and the most used house systems don´t work here. I have in my chart Ascendant conjunct MC and with Regiomontanus I don´t have houses at all but with Morinus system the planets goes to “right” places / houses comparing to my own amateur experience. Can you advice me which book of Morin is the most crucial for me to understand the method? I have book 21 in my bookshell. Do you have any other goog readings for me, helping my first steps on my research paths on astrology with Morinus. I´m only an amateur who wants to get a good understanding of my chart. I maybe some day could help other here who wont get any astrology consultations with houses.
    Sanna, Rovaniemi, Finland

    • Hi Sanna,
      Thanks for your comment. Morin’s book 21 is the most crucial because it details his theory of determinations of the roles of planets according to their relationship to the earth’s horizon. I don’t use Morinus houses and have no experience with them. I have also never worked with a chart from the Arctic Circle, so again I can’t draw on any experience to answer your question. Perhaps other readers who use the Morinus houses or work with Arctic Circle charts will respond.

      One other thought is to consider Charles Carter’s Poli-Equatorial house system. It’s fairly straightforward. Carter took the ASC and converted it to Right Ascension. He then added 30 degrees of RA to get the other house cusps on the Equator and converted those cusps back to Ecliptic Longitude. Basically Carter’s system divides the Equator into 12 equal 30-degree houses.

      • Sanna says:

        Thank you so much for your answer and effort. My study continues and I`ll also look for the method you mentioned. Not sure if it´s in astro.com but still, interesting! Have a nice week and greeting from snowy Lapland! We finally see the sun after few months of “darkness”. 🙂

    • Naomi C Bennett says:


      I recommend the use of Equal Houses for births around the Arctic Circle. They should work well at that latitude.

  4. Hi Anthony,
    Just to say that I’ve used your book, ‘Tarot Plain and Simple’ over the years, and have found it to be very useful. While I have read numerous other books, and tried many decks, I always come back to your book!

    Thanksa lot!

  5. Corinne Rao says:

    Hi Anthony, do you do any horary readings?

    • Corrine,

      I do some horary readings as time permits.


      • Clinton Garrett Soule says:

        Anthony, on your Blog is it permitted and encouraged to discuss our various horaries?

        If allowed how does one do this and what page do we go to to post and discuss our horary queries?

        Clinton Garrett Soule

        Wise men truly know how little they know

        Webster’s Bible Translation

        Judges 5:20

        They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    Glade I found this blog. I love your book Tarot Plain and Simple! It is my favorite tarot book. I’m a upcoming tarot author and your work has truly inspired me 🙂

  7. Diane says:

    Dear Tony,
    I own and am trying to use your Tarot book, and am now interested in learning about astrology. For a number of years I’ve ordered a computerized astrological progression from the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and have a current one that causes a question I hope you can help me answer about astrology in general. In short, I’ve had very big challenges in my work situation for the past 18 months, and my current astrological progression for the year ahead looks pretty dire in my opinion. When I think about making a career change, part of me asks, “Well if these challenges are spelled out so strongly in my chart, would making a change (which would be difficult to do and risky) be like trying to run from some set of universal life challenges that are going to be in front of me no matter where I go?” What would be your response to that question? (By the way if you do consultations I would love to set an appointment).

  8. Thank you so much for this nice Website.

  9. D says:

    Mr. Louis, I read your hyleg post and find it deeply concerning…as I tried to see the solar return chart and progressed chart and it shows moon conjunct part of fortune…so I wanted to ask you if this meant death. I will send you screenshots of the charts or anything you need. Can you please e-mail me as soon as possible and help me? I am becoming very depressed about this. I hope you can help. Thank you very much.

  10. Dawn says:

    Hi Sir,

    I was wondering if I could have a reading by you. I really trust your judgement and I’ve loved everything you’ve written. My issue seems kind of complex, but it is very urgent and I am sure you would interested in giving it a try. Can I please have your e-mail or any other way of contacting you about this matter?

    Thank you in advance.

  11. Sukhi says:

    Dear Mr Louis

    I was trying to find out how to find/calculate the time of birth when I came across your blog. My birth time isnt recorded anywhere and all my mother remembers is that it was between 3.30am to 5am. I was wondering if you would be able to calculate my time of birth, I would be so greatful to you for doing so. Please reply. Thankyou.

  12. Avantika says:

    Sir Please let me know your email ID to contact You. I am from India.

    Hello Anthony Sir.
    I got your reference from Celestial Teal. My brother is missing from 17th October 2013 and I really need your help in finding him. Please help me sir. Please


  13. Stephanie Kessel, Heidelberg, Germany says:

    Dear Tony
    I would be grateful to book a reading with you – I will have, starting 2018, Pluto, Saturn and South Node Transit over my Capricorn AC in square to the Saturn/North Node conjunction in Aries, Uranus transit over Venus in Taurus, Neptune transit Opposition to my Moon-Pluto-Uranus Conjunction in Virgo, coinciding with a Chiron return in Aries – they will all be exact at the same time. I am a Taurus, in my natal Chart Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde. Please let me know if it is possible, I wanted to ask well in advance, being aware it is difficult to get an appointment . All the best, Stephanie from Heidelberg

  14. estellarosa says:

    Your book is my handbook! the best around! I would have hoped that you would have developed a deck based on your keywords. They are soooo useful!

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  16. Spring S. says:

    Dear Tony,
    I own and am trying to use your book reg. solar returns for some time now. I am very much interested in learning about astrology. I got interested in this field about two years ago when I started going through a life crisis that was unexpected – at least because I didn’t know my transits at that time… every single part of my life was concerned in one way of the other. I must say that this crisis is continuing and looking at my pogressions and solar returns it seems it will not end soon… I try to complete my understanding of the predictive astrology because I know nobody (ie. no Professional) in France who could help me with a complete astrological view of my present and future. I am quite desperate as I don’t see the way out of the crisis. your books helped me alot and I was wondering if you did consultations? Could you help me please in one way or the other ? Many thanks in advance,

  17. Renato says:

    Would you please e-mail me instructions for a consultation with you? Thanks.

  18. SS Karkera says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I have been following your blog for the last couple of years, and your words and insights have helped shaped my journey. If you are available, I would like a consultation with you. Please let me know. Thank you!

  19. sandy bateman says:

    Hi Tony, Can you remember me? maybe 10 yrs ago. You sent me 2 pix of your palms. I found your “palms” today. I’m the woman who was to undergo hip rx. You were such a help to me.
    Looking at your Health Line it appears that you have episodes of illness followed by better health. Your health problem seems to be hereditary. But you have such a nice, open hand.
    I’m having a brain aneurysm removed Sep 18 – Take care – Fondly, Sandy

  20. Laughing Moon says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Can you e-mail me? I read your book The Geomantic Tarot spread and I have a question.



  21. helen nikitopoulos says:

    hi anthony
    i love your book Tarot Plain and Simple! i use it as a reference and guide; it is my tarot bible! your techniques and approach really resonate with me. i was wondering if you teach any classes? will you be at any upcoming tarot conferences?
    i would also like to know if you can do an astrology reading for me as well. i have been wanting to start an online business for a while, and am nervous and anxious to begin. am i making the right decision?
    thanks helen

  22. helen nikitopoulos says:

    hi anthony
    How can I book an astrological consultation with you?

  23. anjali says:

    Sir, Since whatever I have to discuss with you is personal kindly let me know your email id to contact you.

  24. jd says:

    Can you please do a horary for me. Is Madeleine McCann still alive?

  25. Ned French says:

    Hi Tony,

    I just finished Plain and Simple and am now working my way through Beyond the Basics. These books are wonderful, and they have given me new insight! I have a lot of experience with Tarot but was never able to retain much knowledge on astrology. Your writing has inspired me to learn more about astrology, as I believe it will boost my Tarot readings. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the software options out there, and I’m not in such a good position to compare and contrast capabilities, but I don’t really understand what they mean or which ones I should be looking out for. Can you recommend a good software package? I know I am interested in detailed reports about the individual’s personality based on their date/time/place of birth (birth chart?), as well as compatibility reports describing two different people (not necessarily romantic compatibility). The wheels are fascinating to look at, so I would like them, too, but I don’t know how to interpret them. If the software could explain how the wheels work, that would be ideal. I would also like to understand how the software is designed to have a sense of confidence that the reports are based on the science and not randomly generated. I would be immensely grateful for any guidance you can provide!

    Many thanks,

  26. Ned,
    There are a host of astrology programs and some of them are quite expensive. If you’re new to astrology, you might start with some free websites that will calculate your chart and help you interpret it. One that I like is http://www.astro.com.

    Rather than invest a lot of money in a program you might not use, you can try a free downloadable program. The ones by Allen Edwall are quite good. Here are two sites to consider:

    Once you get the hang of how astrology works, you might consider one of the standard commercial programs. The ones I use the most are Solar Fire, AstrolDeluxe, and Janus 4.3.

  27. Let me know how it goes.

    • nedfrench says:

      Hi Tony,

      Just to circle back to you on this, I was able to download free trial versions of Solar Fire and Janus. Solar Fire was a bust because you can only sample dates from the 1930s, and in terms of getting started, the program seems to assume far more knowledge than a beginner would have… so I didn’t get very far with Solar Fire.

      The Janus download was fully functional for the first 30 days, so I ran several charts and really liked it. I guess the only drawback is that the programmed text resurfaces a lot. Maybe that would be a good thing in the long run because I would slowly start to commit the interpretations by heart. The trial is now expired, and I’m debating whether to buy it. I think I will keep moving with the astrology as a means to support my tarot efforts, but I’m also tempted to see if I can find a program with slightly more detailed interpretations… perhaps I should do a reading!

      Thanks again for your advice 🙂


      • Ned,
        It sounds like you’re looking for interpretations in an astrology program. I mainly use them to cast charts and do calculations, rather than for the delineations they offer which are often too vague and general to be of much use. Do you know the site astro.com? It was calculate a chart and offers several free interpretations to learn from. It has a nice feature called “Astro Click Portrait” which enables to you click on any part of your chart and see a standard interpretation.

  28. Isabelle says:

    Hi Tony, I’ve been working through your wonderfully detailed horary book but still can’t seem to find my husband’s missing tooth prosthetic which he missed a fortnight ago. I was wondering if you could have a look at this chart I have erected over a week ago.

    Having studied a little horary earlier in the year, I felt confident I would be able to help him locate it but as of today we still haven’t been able to find his missing tooth prosthetic and we’re starting to despair it will ever be found.

    We live in a small one bedroom apartment and can’t understand how he could have misplaced it in such a small space. He maintains he left it in the kitchen the night he misplaced it. When we searched the kitchen the next morning, it wasn’t anywhere to be found. We have since erected a chart which also indicate the kitchen/bathroom both of which are in a north westerly direction in our home, which is ruled by Saturn and the sign Aquarius in the 4th house in the chart.

    Been an air sign seems to also indicate west and the moon being near the descendant also indicates west but we have not managed to locate the tooth even though we have turned the kitchen inside out. The object itself a denture is fittingly ruled by Saturn but it is in Scorpio with some dignity (term) and in the 12th cadent house which in itself seems to be an indication against recovery but the moon in Taurus (therefore exalted) is making an application to the ruler of the ascendant (my partner, who also happens to have a Leo ascendant in his natal chart).

    There is that opposition that the moon makes to Saturn (ruler of the 2nd) before it contacts Jupiter (Asc ruler) therefore it seems to be a clear argument for recovery. But since they are both in cadent houses it also seems that recovery will be unlikely. Also Jupiter (which is under the beams), the Sun and Lot of Fortune is accidentally dignified in the 10th, 9th and 11th houses therefore seemingly indicative of recovery.

    With the Scorpio signification in the 12th, we’re reading that to be the sink and/or the toilet or behind or underneath things, somewhere dark and hidden. Also because of the Aquarian signification it seems likely to be on the ground, between a doorway or some other partition of the room but we still haven’t managed to locate it given all these indications. If anyone else can add their input that would be greatly appreciated as we have been looking for his tooth without success for close to a week now and it’s still alluding us.

    Have I missed something in the reading of the chart? Also there doesn’t seem to be any mutual receptions by any of the significators and all the principle significators (Asc ruler, 2nd ruler and Moon) is in late degrees which could mean it is too late to do something about this. But perhaps a confirmation would be good if the item does appear to be truly lost. Then we can move on to getting a replacement. But the thought it could still be somewhere in the kitchen which is where he still insists he left it and yet not been able to locate it seems bizarre given the fact that our kitchen is very small.

  29. Maz says:

    Dear Tony,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    I’m currently learning the Lenormand tarot (and variations of it) and would really like to purchase your Lenormand Symbols e-book on Amazon (or wherever). However, I can’t seem to find a way to buy it? There doesn’t seem to be a link to buy it or add it to my wish list. I downloaded the Kindle app but then when I clicked ‘Shop in Kindle Store’ I searched for your Lenormand e-book and there were no results…I’m very confused.

    Please can you let me know how I can purchase a copy, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Maz,

      I was able to access the ebook on my computer using this link:


      Let me know if it works for you.


      • Maz Murphy says:

        Hi Tony,Yes I resolved the issue my Amazon location settings were still for the UK when I’m based in Australia. I have bought the e-book now, but is there a way I can purchase the PDF? As this kindle lark (first time using it) just isn’t the same as a hard copy to print and highlight etc.No problem if this isn’t possible, and thank you so much for getting back to me. I absolutely love your work and papers especially on death analysis etc (I have 12th house Scorpio) and will be look‎ing forward to purchasing some of your astrology books in the near future.Kind regards,Maz Ms. Maz MurphySent from my BlackBerry From: Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot BlogSent: Sunday, 30 August 2015 22:50To: mazmurphy@gmx.comReply To: Anthony Louis – Astrology & Tarot BlogSubject: [New comment] About

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        Anthony Louis commented: “Hi Maz,

        I was able to access the ebook on my computer using this link:


        Let me know if it works for you.


  30. Maz says:

    Sorry Tony, I had no idea that the reply from my phone would post directly on here. It looks a mess! Feel free to delete as you see fit. 🙂 Thank you. Maz

  31. nedfrench says:

    Hi Tony,

    I have a new question for you regarding Tarot decks. I first learned to read about 20 years, and the lady who taught me, gave me her own Rider-Waite deck that she had been using already for a few years. She read a lot, so the cards were already nicely worn by that point. The thing I really like about them is that they are paper (thick paper or a thin cardboard, with a sort of blue-gray, diamond argyle on the backs), and every deck I’ve looked at since then has been plastic. I just bought a new deck last week, which in the store seemed more paper-like, but now I’m having to accept that they are basically plastic, once again. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get my hands on a new paper deck? I really, really like the Universal Tarot depicted in your book, Beyond the Basics, and a paper deck of those would be ideal. If you can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

    Many thanks,

    • Take a look at the Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set by U.S. Games Systems. It’s a good reproduction of an original deck and, as far as I know, it’s printed on a good quality paper stock.

  32. Sandra James says:


    On December 3, 2011 at 12:28 AM in Chicago, IL, I asked a question about the location of the lost city of Atlantis. My blog post gives my interpretation of the chart – http://wp.me/p62eMU-bN. If this is of any interest to you, it would be great if you could take a look at the chart and write your own interpretation. Using the methods outlined in your Horary Astrology Plain & Simple book, I found the question to be radical.

    Thank you

  33. Manjori Ganguly says:

    Hi Antony,
    Hope you are doing well. I would like to get a astrological chart interpretation done. Please let me know your contact information.

  34. Jen Stacy says:

    Hi There,
    Celecte Teal suggested I contact you regarding my request for a Horary Chart. Can you do a quick one for me, please? My contact info: Jen Stacy Jenstacy@gmail.com 813-334-7800. I can pay your fee…Thanks, Jen

  35. Jennifer P. Olivera says:

    Hi there!
    I´ve been reading your books and trying to learn as much as I can. However some tarot cards confuses me. I wonder if you could help me interpret. My question was: Where I have to focus to achieve success in my career? I threw three cards, problem, answer A and B. and I got the first position in “The World” on A “judgment” position and the B “eight of cups”. Achievement not understand and I have very intrigued. I am in a job that is not my profession, and it has been impossible for me to get a job in my profession’s. Maybe the question was wrong.
    In another question about what expectations should I have about a promising interview I had and I got “the judgment”. I’m clueless, and in need of guidance.
    Sorry for bother you, but I will really appreciate if you can help me!
    Thank you so much!

  36. Wow. I was reading your Tarot Beyond the Basics book tonight, and I was completely surprised and kind of delighted to discover through part of the text that you are a psychiatrist. I, too, am a psychiatrist who is also an astrologer and tarot reader/intuitive. There are not THAT many of us. I currently live in Telluride, Colorado where I mainly practice general holistic medicine and integrative psychiatry (using herbs, yoga, art, meditation, nutrition, energy medicine, psychotherapy, tarot, astrology, and more). I also do stand-alone astrology readings, tarot readings, and combined astrology-tarot readings. I work at the Peaks Spa as well as in private practice. I’ve always felt like I was way out on a limb doing the things I do, which I don’t necessarily mind hugely (Uranus conjunct my sun triune the ASC), but still, it is always wonderful to discover someone else on the limb, too! And having written multiple books about it! Nice to meet you!! Thanks for being a trailblazer… Cheers!!

  37. aumcenter says:

    I’d like receive newly posted articles via e-mail, thanks.

  38. Thomas says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I was wondering if you are offering consultations and if so what is the process.
    If so please feel free to email me.


  39. Ian Salt says:

    Hi Anthony,

    How are you?

    I have been reading the three ‘Zodiac Image’ handbooks by Willem and Helene Koppejan after seeing the covers on Amazon UK, I wanted, (following Jamgön Kongtrul’s advice on learning how to be a bodhisattva and learn how to become omniscient), a précis of astrology and intuitively liked the images on the covers of the three books.

    May I please ask you why or how the correction-conception method is supposed to be the best method of calculating a birth chart or, if there are other methods, how and why these methods are needed or are complementary to the task/joyful nature of doing astrology?

    I like the Tibetan Book of the Dead myself and have chosen to chant the root prayer to Guru Padmasambhava, I think that might have something to do with the summer and winter solstices on reading about the mysticism related to the number 108 and the guru bead on a mala. Thinking still about whether to purchase a mala and whether that is really necessary although I like the malas on the Blue Sun website from Wales very much.

    Many thanks for your help with my question and I wish you omniscience,

    Ian Salt.

  40. Helen says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Please let me know of any courses you have in astrology or tarot.

    I would love to take a course from an exceptional astrologer like yourself.


  41. Helen says:

    Hello again Anthony!

    I am interested in a horary reading. Please forward info.


  42. Val says:

    Hi, i am 5 planets in the 12th house and would really love to know if you could help me understand my chart.

  43. Nathan says:

    Hi Tony,
    I have had some challenges in my life recently and have turned to the tarot to gain some insight. I have used tarot off and on over the past 23 years or so. I am wondering if you would be interested in looking at three readings I’ve done over the past two weeks and give me your impressions. Unfortunately, at this point I feel very desperate, so a quick response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and attention.

  44. Hi Anthony,

    I found the complete earthquake and sunspot theory…

    Link to all my work…


    This is how I found the earthquake theory….


    Here is the link to my earthquake calculation for March 4


    I hope to hear from you after March 4, because my research is related to astrology!



  45. ThePaganSun says:


    While I like some of your posts and books, I don’t really agree with how Leo is portrayed in your book, “Horary Astrology Plain and Simple: Fast and Accurate Answers to Real World Questions.”

    Leo is the mighty and fierce LION of the Zodiac and it gets quite annoying and frustrating when modern astrologers constantly try to describe the sign in overly soft terms like “ego, generosity, self-importance, drama, wish for admiration, gaudy, pompous, authoritative, etc.” I find it especially frustrating when you claim to base your research on earlier astrologers like William Lilly but then describe the sign in an exaggerated way they never did (at least not without the signs other good and bolder traits which you conveniently left out) like: strength, courage, ferocity, aggression, power, dominance, athletics, willpower, etc.

    Leo is ruled by the Sun, the most powerful force in the solar system (far more powerful than that tiny dwarf planet, Pluto) and is said to bestow: strength, courage, energy, willpower, dominance, conquest, and health, not just creativity and ego.

    It’s also a physically active fire sign and a strong and determined fixed sign. It even rules the Strength Tarot Card and the 5th House which includes SPORTS and ATHLETICS, not just the exaggerated creative arts or romantic affairs.

    Leo is based on the constellation of the Nemean Lion which fought Hercules himself and even managed to bite off his finger! He wounded him which is something no other adversary was able to do. And although you do mention Leo’s “four-footed and bestial” traits, you don’t mention what those traits mean. And you also conveniently forgot Leo’s classifications of “feral” (capable of savage and destructive behavior when angered) and “strong” (said to give strong, athletic bodies when unafflicted).

    It was also a “solitary sign” said to rule wild and inaccessible places like forests and mountains which means that we both love the outdoors and our alone time so we DON’T need attention or luxury all the time and quite frankly, we’re sick and tired of modern astrologers grossly exaggerating that trait when the OPPOSITE used to be said of us (“reserved, solitary, wanders in forests, strong, courageous, active, etc.”)

    It’s quite sad that modern astrologers have taken a powerful, independent, regal, and courageous LION and have exaggerated it into no more than some attention-seeking show kitty. I really hope that Leo’s more forceful and accurate traits can be better described in the future. It’s NOT just some “performer,” but also the warrior-king, conqueror, gladiator, hunter, hero, protector, and only apex predator of the Zodiac and should be described as such. It’s the mighty LION of the Zodiac for a reason and modern astrologers shouldn’t forget that.

    Thanks for listening.

  46. Hi Anthony – I have a tattered copy of your Horary Astrology Plain & Simple and although I’ve used it hundreds of times, I do not consider myself a practice horary astrologer (I am more of a psychological astrologer having studied with Liz Greene in London years ago). Having just retired from 30 plus years practicing law, I’m about to launch my new astrological coaching practice and drew up a horary chart to see the future of this new endeavour. YIKES! 10 Scorpio rising with the Moon at 2 Scorpio about to square Mars (9 Aquarius) and then conjunct Venus (10 Scorpio) finishing up with a conjunction to Jupiter at 23 Scorpio. Via Combusta. I’ve read your piece on that again – and although I’d not consider myself distressed about this new endeavour, I’m probably obsessed with it (just a little). I’d love to say that after some hard work and set-backs this new practice will not only be fun (that conjunction with Venus) but also profitable (conjunction with Jupiter). BUT, I’m really nervous about that Moon being in the burning way – and wondered what you think. Chart set for 10 October 2018 at 9:43:09 BST (Oxford, UK) – tropical, placidus. THANKS for any words of wisdom.

  47. Hieu pham says:

    Anthony I heard that the degree of spica at 23.50 libra is wrong according to astrologers like Cyril Fagan and Donald Bradley. I read a few pages of your book honorary astrology and on there you wrote that spica in the year 2000 is at 23.50 libra. Can you please tell me what is the degree of libra and arcturus in October 21st 1982. Thank you so much. Please reply to me through email

  48. This site gives the method to determine the position of the fixed stars for particular years:

  49. Ramesh T.B. says:

    can SUN (being a massive star) act as a translator of light between jupiter-saturn?
    also mars? pl clarify.

    • Astronomically and scientifically the sun is a massive star, but astrology views the sun from our perspective on Earth and from this point of view the sun is able to translate the light from Jupiter to Saturn.

  50. ramesh says:

    Sir : Thank you for prompt reply.
    1.can MARS too translate light from jupiter to saturn ?
    2.can NEPTUNE too translate light from jupiter to saturn?
    3.my impression is, only fast moving planets act as translators of light; & that too -to slower
    planets. is this is correct?
    Thanks in advance for patiently bearing with me re multiple queries. Regards.

    • Mars moves faster than Jupiter and Saturn, so it could translate the light from one to the other.
      Neptune is very slow moving, so it generally would not be able to transfer the light from Jupiter to Saturn.

  51. ramesh says:

    Sir : many things became clear by your prompt, lucid answers. i am so happy to be participating .
    one more doubt here please.
    A cusp has applying aspect of moon within a degree.
    Moon-Jupiter are in aspect. (but no aspect between cusp-jupiter).
    instead of moon, can MARS too transfer to cusp ? thanks. regard.

    • Ramesh,
      You raise a good question. Transfer of light is written about in terms of transferring the light from one celestial body to another. I don’t recall instances in the literature where it applies to cusps. On the other hand, if the Moon is already involved in an aspect with Jupiter, then Jupiter is influencing the Moon when the Moon connects with the cusp, so there will be a combined lunar-Jupiterian influence on the cusp that the Moon is involved with.

  52. Rach says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I am reading llewellyns complete book of tarot and in the “My story” section you mention finding a technique for calculating your birth time in an astrology book. I was wondering what the book was or if you could tell me the technique or point me in the right direction? Thank you so much! And I’m really enjoying the book.

    • The technique was that of primary directions. I adjusted the midheaven so that a key planet would ascend to the midheaven at the time of a major even of my childhood. The measure is that each degree on the equator corresponds to one year of life. I believe that I read it in Llewellyn’s A to z Horoscope Maker and Delineator.

  53. Earl says:

    Hi Tony,

    I have successfully located missing items in the past using horary, but it’s been a few years and I’m a little rusty at this point, and now faced with needing to provide whatever assistance I can (have been brushing up on pointers for lost/mislaid items using your big book as well as Lee’s and old THPs) to a gentleman whom I located online, who owns what may be the only surviving copy — no copies anywhere in libraries/for sale/or even at the LOC — of a privately published book that I am desperate to read.

    The gentleman is in his 80s, memory not the greatest, but still active and working in his field. He thought he remembered putting the book in a certain drawer (probably many years ago…), but it was not there when he went looking for it. Given his age and active lifestyle (work followed by daily outdoor activity typically pursued by members of his profession), I can’t expect him to devote hours and hours to searching for this book for my benefit. So I would prefer not to have to keep pestering him with alternative possible locations if the first one I provide does not pan out. Most of the people acquainted with the (now deceased) author of the book have already died, and the urgency I feel around this is that this man too could depart at any time, and then the book would truly be forever lost.

    Here’s the data for the time I asked the question re: the location of the book in his building:

    5:33pm PDT jun 6, 2019 123w06 49n13

    If you had to narrow it down, would you choose to focus on the Sun in Gemini in 2nd, ruler 4th of items mislaid, or on Mercury in Cancer on cusp of 3rd, ruler 2nd of personal possessions as primary indicator of where to look? (Rulerships in turned chart, with gentleman represented by the “other person” 7th.) Olivia Barclay gave the 4th as indicating where to look for a mislaid item, but would you call this a mislaid item? (It’s certainly “buried treasure” to me, but may not really be such to the owner himself). Can one book among possibly hundreds or thousands placed somewhere in one’s own small office building and forgotten about for years be thought of as a “mislaid item?”

    The book, he is fairly certain, is still in the one-story (3-4,000 sq. ft.) office building owned by him, but it was rather clear that if it was not in the location he had in mind (a certain drawer), then trying to find it would be a daunting task for him indeed (and, again, not something I could expect him to undertake given his age and rather full schedule). If it were possible for me to travel, I would go there and undertake a search myself (with his permission, of course), but alas this is not possible (we are, btw, in different countries).

    If you can offer any suggestions on approaching this horary, Tony, I would be grateful!

    • Earl,

      I have not had a chance to look at your chart because I was attending an astrology conference in Spain and just returned. It may take me a while to get to it. Meanwhile I would suggest posting it in the “Horary Astrology Group” on Facebook to get the feedback of several experienced astrologers. Finding lost object that disappeared a long time ago is difficult with horary because so many years have elapsed and there are too many intervening factors.

  54. Earl says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Hope you had a pleasant trip!

    As I do not use facebook, I won’t be able to access the experienced horarists there.

    Re: “Finding lost object that disappeared a long time ago is difficult with horary because so many years have elapsed and there are too many intervening factors.”

    I kind of understand what you’re saying, but from another point of view, in the present case the item did not “disappear” many years ago; it was simply placed somewhere at some point, and is still in the same place but the owner has forgotten where he put it. There are many books and other items here in my small suite that I cannot find; some were placed where they still reside many years ago, others only months, weeks, or even days past, and nothing has happened or intervened in either case to “muddy the waters.” Passage of time and the changes wrought by it seem to be less the issue than weakness of memory (where the passage of days or of years may not make that much of a difference).

    Using the method outlined in your big book (and as you can see from the tables below), there doesn’t seem to be a clear compass direction predominating upon inspecting the significators (though I suppose a case could be made for S with the TA/GE/SA indications). WIth all the GE and LE, I would guess that the book is likely to be found higher up, wherever it may be in the building.

    Lilly method

    Asc TA S by E
    Asc r. TA S by E
    4th LE E by N
    4th r. GE W by S
    Mo LE E by N
    2nd GE W by S
    2nd r. CA N
    FOR SA E by S

    By element:

    Fire LE x 2 E by N
    SA x 1 E by S
    Earth TA x 2 S by E
    Air GE x 2 W by S
    Water CA x 1 N

    If and when time permits, having a peek and offering a pointer or two would be appreciated (though I certainly do understand that we all have our priorities to attend to and this may take a while.)

  55. Ben says:

    Dear Anthony,

    I have been reading your ‘Tarot Plain and Simple’ for a number of years, and it has been a very good friend, so thank you so much for having written it.

    Now I would like to start learning astrology—I’m a complete neophite. Could you recommend me two or three good books to start my journey? I would like something like your book—plain and simple, about astrology. I’m aware that you have written a book on horary astrology, but it would be too much advanced for me. So if you could share some good recommendations for a beginner, that would be great.

    Best wishes,

    Ben, Asturias, Spain

    • Hi Ben,

      It’s hard to find a good beginner’s book on astrology, partly because there is a divide between modern and traditional astrology which has deepened over the past couple of decades with the availability of translations of many of the classic texts.

      My favorite beginner’s book is an old one by Ronald C Davison that is simply called Astrology.

      There is a more recent book by April Elliot Kent called Practical Astrology. It is written from a modern rather than a traditional perspective.

      I also like Christopher Renstrom’s book Ruling Planets, as a good introduction to basic astrology.

      Another older book (I read it in the 1950s) is Margaret Hone’s Modern Textbook of Astrology, which takes a modern approach.

      Steven Forest’s book The Inner Sky is worth reading.

      For an introduction to more traditional approaches I’d recommend Charles Obert’s Introduction to Traditional Natal Astrology, which will be a bit challenbing for a beginner but is clearly written and quite understandable.

      Good luck with your studies.

    • Ben says:

      Thank you very much, Anthony. I really appreciate your time and thoughtful answer. Now I have a good list to start.

      I have just ordered three of them, and I planing to order the others soon, fate permitting.

      Keep well,

      Ben, from Asturias, Spain

  56. Hector says:

    Hi Anthony!
    I greatly admire your work, and I would appreciate your opinion on the issue of reversing the order of the signs for births in the Southern Hemisphere. According to this Australian astrologer, this does work. He presents a real-life case: http://rasa.ws/rasa-library-menu-page/rasa-library-articles-sh-horoscope/
    Hector from Argentina (which is why this is an important issue to me)

    • Hi Hector,
      Thanks for the comment. There are astrologers who reverse the signs for charts from the southern hemisphere. I don’t have experience with this method, so I can’t give an opinion based on my own experience with it. I have spoken to astrologers from Argentina and South Africa about using the standard method assigning zodiac signs (not reversing them) and they tell me that the traditional zodiac works in their charts, but this is a small sample of astrologers.
      In the article you cite, the author bases his argument in part on the belief that “when the Sidereal Constellations were given their meanings, it was based on the agricultural and seasonal influences of the time.” This is an interesting idea but I’m not sure that the meanings of the zodiacal signs derived their meaning in this way. I was also not convinced by the argument from the birth chart recast with the zodiacal signs being reversed. One could also argue that in the sidereal zodiac (with the signs in usual order) Venus lies in Leo in the 9th whole sign house very close to the MC and in the 10th quadrant house, indicating a strong career interest in music and drama that would involve much long-distance traveling. One could make the same interpretation from the standard tropical chart: Venus in Virgo lies in the 10th quadrant house and the 9th whole sign house. The Sun rules the 9th of travel and conjoins Mercury, which rules the MC, so there will be much travel in his career. Etc.
      I’d be reluctant to abandon a system that has been tested for 2000 years. On the other hand, I’d be open to experimenting with new ideas to see how they work with real-life examples. You also have the advantage of being able to ask other astrologers in Argentina about their experience with charts. I’d be very interested to learn what you find out.

  57. Zane B Stein says:

    Hi Anthony, I was wondering if you ever have explored Chiron in Horary charts to see if it contributes any information. If so, what are your thoughts….is it worth taking a peak at Chiron when you work to answer a question, and if so, what value does Chiron have?

    • Hi Zane,
      Yes, I occasionally include Chiron, especially in questions about health. Sometimes it quite literally shows where an injury occurs on the body. If you routinely use Chiron in your work, definitiely include it. The only downside is that too many factors can make a chart harder to interpret.

  58. Lisa ( Elle) says:

    Hi Anthony, I. am very happy to find your blog. I am currently reading your book Horary Astrology. I was wondering if you actually FaceTime or use zoom? What are your fees. Interested in studying under you.
    this is for my daughter .

  59. Lisa says:

    Hi Anthony, I am so glad to connect with you. I am currently reading your book Horary Astrology. I was wondering if you offer a course of study and what your fee would be. This would be for me as well as my daughter. We have FaceTime or Zoom.



    • Hi Lisa,
      I’m not currently offering a course on horary. There are lots of good materials online about horary. Deborah Houlding has an excellent beginner’s course on her Skyscript site.

      • Lisa (Elle) says:

        Thank you. Regarding the planet Uranus and the sign Gemini will this conjunction happen within the next few years? If so what should one be aware of before hand? I was reading about Gemini in your blog as well as your book regarding this conjunction.

        Thank you


      • helen says:

        Please place me on a notification list when you do finally offer a horary astrology course

      • Hi Helen,
        Several people have asked me recently about offering a horary astrology course, which got me to thinking about doing an introduction to horary on a site like Udemy. It’s a big project to put a course together, so I haven’t decided yet.

      • helen says:

        Looking forward to it Anthony. I’m a really big fan of yours!
        Keep me updated.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you – Anthony, please keep me in mind also if you choose to teach this course. I too am a big fan of yours!

        Many thanks,


  60. Edna says:

    Hi there-I just happened to find your site. I am a longtime astrology student, just discovering and trying to understand Hellenistic techniques of profection, time lords and zodiacal releasing.

    In the meantime, I have a couple of questions about solar returns:
    Do you use birthplace or place of home at time of return?
    Do you use transits to the solar return placement of the planets?

    I am interested in your work and writings; however, I boycott Amazon.


  61. Errol says:

    Hi Anthony. I have been reading the debate on various forums about overcoming planets and dexter aspects et al. I think that you notes about the conundrum in your article “The primacy of Primary Motion in Astrology” were really useful and helpful. However, what i don’t see anywhere is factoring in the fact that a planet gains accidental dignity by increasing in light. So if the planet in 1st hurls rays to the planet in 10, surely the planet in 10 has great accidental dignity or am I mixing a whole lot of apples and grapes again? Also how is the essential dignity of the planets involved get factored into who dominates who or does this merely relate to the nature of the outcome of the dominance battle?
    Errol Cerff

  62. Lisa says:

    Hi Tony (if I can call you by your first name)
    Just wanted you to know I bought my first Tarot deck a million years ago and while I prefer to read using my intuition, I pick up a deck when I’m stuck. Lately the Tarot has gotten more and more accurate. I’m terrified because I’m looking at back surgery and I kept getting a card that I felt represented my surgeon (who I like and think is good but…) Anyway I had gotten your book at the library and you had the same interpretation. I started flipping through the book and it’s the only book on Tarot I’ve ever liked and could use. Wonderful and I agree with all your interpretations. I went out and bought my own copy.Thank you so much.

  63. heirophant1 says:

    Are you still available for astrological consultations? If so, how much do you charge? I would appreciate your insight.

  64. Sami Ali says:

    Could you please change the dates of the Astrology to the Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is accurate, I tested it with everyone that I know and compared it with the Tropical Astrology and the Tropical Astrology is not correct and this is why many people everyday are losing their belief in Astrology because of the Tropical Astrology. The Tropical Astrology dates are 2,000 years old but the Vedic Astrology is updated daily and it is the correct Astrology, the original from India.

    I don’t understand why everyone till this day is using the Tropical Astrology. The entire world should start using The Vedic Astrology. You can test it out for yourself. Compare the Vedic Astrology and the American Astrology and find out which one is the winner.

    With your website you´ll be able to convince the entire world to update the Astrology of the world to Vedic Astrology. India has a 1% divorce rate because they use Vedic Astrology and America has a 56% divorce rate because they use Tropical Astrology.

    With all these users using the site they will all compare Vedic Astrology with Tropical Astrology and they will put their findings on the comments and they will talk about their comparison and it will prove to the world that Vedic Astrology is the correct one.

    Vedic astrology is very important to bring peace to the world. Vedic astrology creates happy marriages and happy marriages creates happy children and happy children become happy adults and create a peaceful society.

    Please send me a message and let me know what you think.

  65. Mike McCormick says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I’m curious as to your thoughts on using the natal location vs the current location (if they are different) for solar and lunar returns.
    Thanks much,
    Mike M.

  66. Hi Anthony,
    I would be very much interested in getting a Solar return reading from you. Would that be possible?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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