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Author of books about astrology and tarot, including TAROT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, HORARY ASTROLOGY, and THE ART OF FORECASTING WITH SOLAR RETURNS.

Wisdom Teeth and Solar Returns

This week a colleague showed me the chart of a 27-year-old man who needed oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth which had recently become a problem. Glancing at his birth chart and solar return, and using some standard predictive … Continue reading

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What does the sign Gemini have to do with wainscoting?

Recently I reviewed a horary chart about a missing piece of jewelry. The Moon in this chart happened to be in Gemini along with Jupiter, which ruled the 4th house cusp. The Moon is a general signifier of missing things … Continue reading

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Morin delineates a solar return of Cardan

Astrologer Pedro Hernández recently posted a translation from Latin into Spanish of Morin’s delineation of Cardan’s solar return for his 34th year of life (ages 33-34). Pedro has kindly given permission to repost his article here, and I have translated … Continue reading

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The Birth Chart of Nostradamus

Recently I heard Deborah Houlding discuss a horary by Nostradamus, and I wondered about his birth chart. Unfortunately, we do not have a reliable birth chart for the great physician and seer. According to Patrice Guinard, “the archives of Saint-Rémy … Continue reading

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Horary on the fly

Recently I was visiting my in-laws because of an illness in the family. On Saturday, 25 Sep 2021, my sister-in-law was about to prepare some food from a recipe but she couldn’t find her reading glasses. She recalled having used … Continue reading

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The Death of Henri II of France

Recently I was corresponding with Spanish astrologer Pedro Hernández about the chart of King Henri II of France because Pedro was preparing a blog post about the legendary death of the king in a jousting match, which was supposedly predicted … Continue reading

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The Birth Chart of Charles E.O. Carter

Recently I was reading a book by Charles Carter (31 Jan 1887 — 4 Oct 1968) and wondered what his birth chart looked like. A quick internet search revealed that there are several charts, all within a few minutes and … Continue reading

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The geocentric wheel and planets as seen from Earth

This morning (9 Sep 2021) I was experimenting with different ways of viewing our solar system. The following images show the geocentric perspective from Earth as well as that of an observer outside our solar system at the same moment … Continue reading

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Lilly’s Tradesman: Will I be rich, or subsist of myself without marriage? (CA 177)

To illustrate certain horary principles William Lilly presented a chart (CA 177) of a question by a tradesman who asked about several matters, including whether he would eventually be rich. Here is the chart recalculated by modern computer, but very … Continue reading

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The Neglected Nonagesimal

In most types of astrology the Midheaven (MC, or Medium Coeli) is considered to be of extreme importance. Most quadrant house systems use the MC as the cusp of the 10th house. Some astrologers incorrectly refer to the MC as … Continue reading

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