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The Theft of my Work

Recently someone notified by that one of my ebooks was posted illegally on a site called  Even though this ebook is on sale for a modest price on, someone who calls him- or herself “lucentum56” uploaded my copyrighted … Continue reading

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Lenormand and Horary – a personal reading

On Tuesday 25 March 2014 my wife’s mother died of complications of a stroke.  She would have been 93 years old on June 2nd of this year. My knowledge of Lenormand and of horary astrology was helpful to me in … Continue reading

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Lenormand tells the tale

I recently read an enjoyable book by James  Ricklef, which he entitled Tarot Tells the Tale.  In it the author presents a series of 3-card tarot readings for notable figures from history or literature.  His goals were to show the usefulness … Continue reading

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