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  1. tutandelvis says:

    Hi Q for you. Which house do you think is the house of grandparents, I have heard several different thoughts on this.

    • Using derived houses, the 4th house is the house of your parents and the 4th from the 4th is the house of your parent’s parents. In other words, by derived houses grandparents belong to the 7th house.

  2. Kirti says:

    Hi Anthony:

    I am a tarot reader and want to venture into astrology. What books would you recommend for a beginner like me . There are an array of books, but I am not sure which is the right one to begin. I am keen on learning Horary astrology but to learn that I conjecture I have to basic knowledge of planets and houses .

    • There are many good beginner books in astrology. One of my favorites is Astrology by Ronald Davison. If you have my book ‘Tarot Beyond the Basics’ there is a long chapter on essential concepts of astrology.

      • Kirti says:

        Thank you so much . Yes I have your book and that’s how my interest developed. I wanted to undertstand the basics better.

    • Kirti Kalyan says:

      Thank you so much Anthony. Really appreciate your time.

      Warm regards, Kirti


  3. Hi, Tony. Thanks for adding Natasa Koprivica’s horary blog to the population of links I have on my own divination blog (and I just realized I don’t have yours listed there either). I was a member of the ASC and the Hartford NCGR back in the early ’70s when I believe you were also active there, and am now associated with the Massachusetts Tarot Society (unfortunately I missed your lecture in Florence, MA a couple of years ago). I just posted a tale of my quest for worthwhile horary books and software, and was wondering if you can expand on it. I see that you have included Arabic astrologers in your horary posts, and am also wondering whether Guido Bonatti covered it at length in one of his volumes. Thanks in advance.


  4. Cindy Yurkovich says:

    Hi Tony,
    Did you write the book “The Moon in Horary Astrology”? I have read different places references to it but I can’t find it anywhere.
    Thank you,

  5. alwayshawaii says:

    Thank you!! I think it was a mistake.

  6. keyskorner says:

    Greetings, Anthony.
    I hope this messages reaches you in good health and in great spirits. I have spent the better part of today looking up Astrology and Horary Chart to learn more about my lost rings. I am intrigued at the things I am learning but overwhelmed with information. However, I’m totally at a loss on how to read the charts and messages. If at all possible, can you complete a reading for me to find my treasured rings? 3 rings missing. I helped a neighbor who suffered a fall in the driveway, came in, ate cheetos (dinner of champions) and awoke the next morning for work and no rings. I at least need peace to calm my situation to focus on other things. Thank you in advance for your time and attention. KE 11/19/1982

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