An interesting horary about a missing watch

One of the best ways to learn horary is to follow up what happens and restudy the chart. Here is an illustrative example.

In December of 2014 a woman contacted me because she could not find a valuable watch which had been in her family for many years. She had recently had the watch cleaned at the jeweler’s with the intention of giving it as a gift to a member of the younger generation in her family. She thought she recalled bringing the watch home from the jeweler’s but, despite an exhaustive search, it was nowhere to be found in her house.

She told me the story in a telephone conversation on 22 December 2014, just a few days before Christmas.  I noted the time she asked the question about the missing watch: 9:23 AM EST at my location.  Here is the chart with Regiomontanus Houses, as used by William Lilly.

Missing watch dec 2014

Where is the missing watch? Will I be able to find it? 22 Dec 2014, 9:23 AM EDT, Orange, CT

The querent is shown by the Aquarius Ascendant. Her traditional ruler is Saturn in Scorpio in the 10th house. Her co-ruler is the Moon in Capricorn in the 12th of hidden things. Mars in Aquarius in the 1st house is a possible co-significator of the querent as well.

The missing watch is shown by Pisces on the 2nd cusp, ruled by Jupiter Rx in Leo in the 7th.  The ruler of the missing item being retrograde often indicates that it will eventually return.  Uranus Stationary in Aries in the 2nd is a possible co-significator of the watch.

The Moon’s last aspect was a sextile to Neptune in Pisces in the 1st house, suggesting that she was perhaps distracted and somehow misplaced the watch but that it was not lost or stolen. Jupiter’s location in the angular 7th suggests that the watch is in her house, perhaps in an area used by her spouse or partner. The stationary Uranus in the 2nd of possessions implies that a longstanding disruptive influence overhangs the search for the watch.

Will she find the watch? Her co-ruler Moon does not apply to aspect Jupiter (the watch). Her co-ruler Mars in the 1st mutually applies to oppose Jupiter (the watch) in the 7th, but the opposition is a separative aspect, suggesting that she will not soon come in contact with the watch.  Her principal ruler Saturn at the end of Pisces and Jupiter (the watch) retrograding in Leo are currently separating.  Eventually Jupiter will turn direct and will apply to square the position of Saturn in the chart on 10 August 2015. By transit, Jupiter squares transiting Saturn on 3 August 2010 and again by transit-to-transit in March and May of 2016. Sometimes a square between principal rulers can indicate the recovering of the missing item, but usually with some kind of difficulty.

The next favorable Ptolemaic aspect transiting Jupiter would make to horary Saturn at 29 Scorpio 52 would occur on 8 September 2016 when Jupiter reached 29 Virgo 52.

Based on the above analysis, I told the querent that most likely the watch was still in her house but that it would take a very long time (probably a matter of years) for her to find it. The earliest positive indicator I could find was transiting Jupiter in Virgo sextile horary Saturn in Scorpio in 2016.

I next heard from the querent on 17 July 2016. She still had not found the watch and wondered if another reading would be helpful.  Here is the chart for her second horary about the missing watch.

Missing watch.

Second horary chart for the missing watch. 17 July 2016, 3:34 PM EDT, Orange, CT

Scorpio rises, making Mars the significator of the querent. Her co-ruler, the Moon, again lies in Capricorn but now in the 2nd house of possessions, including the missing watch. This is a favorable indicator.

With Sagittarius on the cusp of the 2nd, Jupiter again rules the missing watch. Jupiter is again angular (as in the 1st horary) but now occupies the 10th house. An angular significator suggests that the watch is still in the house.

Unfortunately, Mars (the querent) is separating from a sextile to Jupiter (the watch).  The Moon (her co-ruler) will eventually trine Jupiter (the watch) but the aspect is not yet within orb.  The watch is in her house, not lost or stolen, but it will still take some time for her to find it.  If we take Pluto in the 2nd to co-signify the watch, then her co-ruler Moon in the 2nd mutually applies to conjoin retrograde Pluto in the 2nd within about 16 degrees (? = 16 weeks ?).

I told the querent that the missing watch was still in her home but that it would still take some time to find it.  She would not find it quickly but it was likely to be inside something like a drawer, box, pocket or bag because Virgo loves to organize and compartmentalize, and Jupiter (the watch) lies in Virgo.  Earth signs often signify places that may be dark and low down in a room.

The outcome:

On 13 August 2016, the querent sent me the following email:
“It’s taken a while, as you said, but I FOUND THE WATCH hiding behind some seldom-looked-at astrology books in my closet.  No reason to pull out the ones I did — looking for other books — and there it was.  Thank you so much – especially for keeping my hopes up by saying it would take ‘a while’ but would be found. ”

She added: “Jupiter knew what it was saying.  I had had the watch cleaned, bought a fine holder for it, put the whole thing in a very nice white box, in a small black and gold bag from a very posh store.  How Jupiter in Virgo is that!!!”

Interestingly, she found the watch on Friday afternoon, 12 August 2016 as the transiting Moon was passing through Sagittarius (disposed by Jupiter) and applying to square horary from the 2nd to the 10th house of the July 17th horary chart.

On 15 August 2016 at around 6 PM she gave the watch to her son as a gift (with the transiting Moon still in the 2nd house, having just trined horary Jupiter in the 10th and about to perfect a trine to transiting Jupiter as well).  It had been his grandfather’s watch. Her grandson was also impressed with it.

The issue of timing is interesting in this example.  Based on the first chart, I thought that she would not find the watch until September of 2016 at the earliest.  Based on the July 2016 horary for the same question, I thought the movement of the Moon would indicate a matter of at least several more months until she found the watch.  In fact, she found the watch about a month later on the same day that the transiting Moon squared horary Jupiter from their respective houses in the July 17th horary chart.


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Wynn’s Famous Prediction of Financial Turmoil

This is a follow-up to an earlier post in which I wrote: “Wynn’s claim to fame in the 1930’s was a 1932 prediction he made in the NY Daily News , when he forecast a week of immense financial turmoil for early March of 1933.  OMarch 4, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was inaugurated.  One of his first acts, in response to many bank failures and “runs” on banks, was to proclaim a bank holiday,” closing all the banks in the United States from March 6th until March 13.  There was great financial turmoil and uncertainty until the banks reopened on March 13th and depositors began to return their cash to the ailing institutions. Interestingly, on March 8, 1933 (two days after the start of Roosevelt’s bank holiday) the recently discovered dwarf planet Pluto in Aries by transit made an exact square to Uranus in Cancer (the Whole Sign 2nd house of money of the USA Gemini-rising chart).  I don’t know whether Wynn had begun to use Pluto in his charts at that time.”

How did Wynn (Sidney Kimball Bennett) make this astounding prediction which catapulted him to fame?  I’ve been unable to find a record of his reasoning, so I will try to reconstruct it from what we know about his methods and the astrology of the period.  We know that by 1932 Wynn had developed his Solar Return Key Cycle method, based on his the failure of primary and secondary progressions to forecast his serious accident of May 18, 1926.  (See Wynn, The Key Cycle, 1931, reprinted by the AFA, Tempe, Arizona in 1970.)

Most likely Wynn studied the natal chart of the USA and compared the Key Cycle chart for March of 1933 to the USA natal chart, with a special emphasis on the financial houses. In the astrology of nations, the relevant mundane financial houses are the 2nd house of money, national wealth and financial institution and the 11th house of assets of the government, including the Treasury.

Which natal chart for the USA did Wynn used in 1932?  I’ve been unable to find the actual chart that he used, but at the time the USA chart in vogue was a Gemini rising chart popularized by the famous astrologer (an Wynn’s competitor in the media) Evangeline Adams.  Ms. Adams set the birth chart of the USA for July 4, 1776 at 3:03 in the morning. In the 1930s, not long before her death, Adams predicted the timing of the entry of the USA into World War II.  I suspect that Wynn used the same USA chart as Adams.

How did Evangeline Adams arrive at the 3:03 AM birth time for the USA?  Clearly it is not a factual time, since the delegates were probably all asleep at that hour. Thus, Adams must have based this chart on astrological symbolism or on principles of mundane astrology.  Symbolically in the 3:03 AM chart Uranus has recently risen and Mars conjoins the Ascendant — fitting symbolism for a Declaration of Independence (Uranus) which would most certain lead to a war (Mars) with England.

Why 3:03 AM and not a few minutes earlier or later?  Most likely this time was selected from an eclipse of the period.  Not all states ratified the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and it would take a few months to get everyone officially on board. The last eclipse of the year 1776 was a partial solar eclipse, which occurred on August 14, 1776 at 00:22:21 AM LMT in Philadelphia with 20 Gemini 34 rising. Notably the July 4th USA chart used by Evangeline Adams has the same degree of Gemini rising, which occurred at exactly 3:03:30 AM LMT in Philadelphia. Here is the chart used by Adams and probably also used by Wynn to make forecasts about the USA:


USA Gemini-rising chart used by Evangeline Adams, based on the symbolism of declaring independence and going to war with England (Uranus and Mars rising in Gemini) and using the Placidus house cusps of the August 14th solar eclipse in Philadelphia, which was the last eclipse of 1776 and the closest eclipse to the final signing of the Declaration of Independence by all of the states.

To make his predictions Wynn would have looked for Key Cycle contacts with the natal USA chart for March of 1933. Here is the Key Cycle chart for March 6, 1933 (the beginning of the bank holiday) superimposed on the USA natal chart used by Evangeline Adams:

wynn bank holiday

The Key Cycle chart is a transit chart whose cusps are derived from the Solar Return for the year.  The MC of a key cycle chart moves 1 degree forward every four days and the other house cusps change accordingly.

Notable features of this combined chart are:

  • A transiting Uranus/Pluto square which became exact on March 8, 1933 and which connects the 11th house of the Treasury with the 2nd house of banks and financial institutions in the USA chart.  This is clearly an indicator of financial turmoil, peaking on 8 March 1933. This Uranus/Pluto square was probably the most significant transiting aspect of 1933 and would therefore have a major symbolic role to play in national affairs.
  • Transiting Mercury (ruler of the USA natal chart) and Key Cycle Ascendant in the 11th of the Treasury squaring the natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction (symbolizing the nation’s wealth) during early March of 1933.
  • The Key Cycle Moon transiting the USA natal 2nd house of banks from March 8th until March 10th of 1933.
  • The Key Cycle MC opposing natal Venus (money, wealth) on March 6th, the first day of the bank holiday.
  • Transiting Sun square the natal Ascendant/Mars conjunction on March 11, 1933 with Mars ruling Aries intercepted in the natal 11th of the Treasury.
  • Transiting Sun oppose natal Neptune becoming exact on March 13, 1933, the day that the bank holiday ended.

It seems to me that Wynn must have performed this type of analysis to predict a year in advance a period of major financial turmoil in the USA in early March of 1933.

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Testing Wynn’s Key Cycle Theory

The universe works in mysterious ways.  As I was reading through Wynn’s work on the Key Cycle with its description of his hit-and-run accident, I received a message from a man I know who was born in Texas and now lives in Oregon.  For reasons of confidentiality, I will call him Jake.  It turns out that Jake wanted to tell me that he was recently hit by an inexperienced teenage driver while riding his bicycle in Eugene, Oregon.  Fortunately, he did not sustain serious injuries, but his bike was quite damaged.

Using Wynn’s techniques, I cast Jake’s natal chart and derived his Key Cycle chart for Eugene, Oregon, the site of the accident.  The chart comparison was not particularly descriptive of a motor vehicle accident.  However, when I calculated the Key Cycle chart for his birthplace, there was an exact hit.  Wynn felt that the Key Cycle chart should be done for the location of the querent at the time if it was different from the birthplace.

With Jake’s permission, I have reproduced his natal chart with the Key Cycle chart for the time of the accident superimposed.


First we look for the potential for motor vehicle accidents in the natal chart, on the principle that nothing happens in the life of the native that is not promised in the birth chart.  His natal 3rd house (local travel) is ruled by the Moon, and the natal Sun lies in the 9th house.

The natal Moon conjoins the cusp of the 6th of bodily ailments and also conjoins a natal Pluto/Mars conjunction in the 6th. Natal Sun in the 9th (a travel house) squares the squares Pluto/Mars conjunction in the 6th.   These configurations all raise the possibility of problems related to travel.

At the time of the accident transiting Sun in the 3rd (travel) squares the natal stellium of planets (Pluto/Mars/Sun) in the 6th.  In addition, transiting Saturn closely opposed his natal Ascendant (the body).

Transiting Sun in the natal 3rd is closely quincunx the transiting Key Chart MC/Pluto conjunction in the natal 8th, indicating health risks while traveling.

Even more notable is the fact that the birthplace Key Cycle Ascendant almost exactly conjoined transiting Uranus (sudden unexpected disruptions), and the birthplace Key Cycle MC closely conjoined transiting Pluto in the natal 8th house.

In the Key Cycle chart for Eugene, Oregon, the planetary positions are essentially the same but the ASC lies at 16 Pisces 28 and the MC at 23 Sagittarius 19, not making any direct hits as we see in the Key Cycle chart for San Antonio.  Even though Wynn thought that the Key Cycle chart should be cast for the location of the native (Oregon in this case), here the Key Cycle chart for the Texas birthplace is more compelling.


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Wynn’s Key Cycle and his Natal Chart

Recently I’ve been looking at the work of astrologer Sidney Kimball Bennett (pseudonym Wynn), born February 10, 1892, in Chicago, at 9 AM.  In a previous post I reviewed his decision to abandon secondary progression and directions in favor of the use of transits and house cusps determined by the annual Solar Return and the Wynn Key Cycle, which he invented.

In his book The Key Cycle Wynn tells us that his disappointment with progressions and directions came to a head when these traditional methods failed for forecast a serious car accident in which he was struck and nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver in Merced, California on 18 May 1926 at around 9 PM.

In the previous post about this topic I used the data for Wynn’s birth from which gives a chart cast for 9 AM CST in Chicago , 10 February 1892.  Wynn, however, makes a point that he was born at 9 AM TLT (true local time), so the natal chart he was using in his book differs by several minutes from the one posted at the AstroDataBank site.

Wynn does not show his natal chart in The Key Cycle, but on page 5 he reproduces his Key Cycle chart for the date and location of the accident (18 May 1892, Merced, CA).  Here is the Key Cycle chart from Wynn’s book.

Wynn 18 May 1926 Merced Accident-1

Working backward from this Key Cycle chart for 18 May 1926 at Merced, California, I was able to reconstruct the chart used by Wynn for his nativity.  For the above chart to be accurate, Wynn must have been born on 10 February 1892 in Chicago at 8:48:55 AM CST. Below is the natal chart which Wynn used for himself.  (The chart at differs in that it has an MC at 6 Cap 54 and and ASC at 13 Aries 18.)

WYNN corrected cht.jpg

This birth chart produces the following Key Cycle chart for 18 May 1926 in Merced, CA (with the natal chart superimposed outside).

Wynn plus Merced

As you can see, the Key Cycle chart is the one used by Wynn in his book and is the one cast from the birth chart on the outside calculated for 8:48:55 AM CST, which is 11 minutes 05 seconds earlier than the 9 AM CST.

The so-called Equation of Time in Chicago represents the difference between the longitude correction for Local Mean Time (05:50:36) in Chicago and the longitude correction for Local Apparent Time, i.e. sundial time, (06:05:02) in that city.  Doing the math, 06:05:02 minus 05:50:36 = 14 minutes 26 seconds.

When Wynn wrote that he was born at 9 AM true local time, he meant that a local sundial at his birth place would have indicated that it was 9 AM according to the true position of the Sun in the sky.  If Wynn were born at 9 AM on the sundial, however, his ASC would be at 15 Aries 29 and his MC at 8 Capricorn 03 — but this is not the chart he used for himself.  In fact, for Wynn to have been born with an ASC of 8 Aries 25 (as we deduced from his 18 May 1926 accident Key Cycle chart), he would have to have been born at 8:43:55 AM true local (sundial) time.

If we take Wynn at this word, that he was born at 9 AM true local time, then his birth chart would look like this:

wynn lat

The Key Cycle chart based on the 9 AM true local chart would be the following (with the natal chart on the outside):

wynn lat merced.jpg

The timing of the accident is shown by Key Cycle MC conjunct transiting Saturn which lies opposite natal Uranus.  The Key Cycle MC advances about one degree every four days and thus crosses transiting Saturn on 19 May 1926, one day after the 9 pm accident –a day he would have spent in the hospital.  In the natal chart transiting Uranus occupies the 12th house of hospitalization, and natal Saturn occupies the 6th house of bodily ailments.  Thus, the Key Cycle MC crosses this Uranus/Saturn opposition activates the 12th and 6th houses.

Here are Wynn’s transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions for May of 1926 based on the 9 AM true local time chart:

wynn transits.GIF

Wynn was focused on the progressed Moon trine natal Sun aspect of May 17th and the favorable progressed natal Sun conjunction natal Venus aspect of May 30th, and therefore was expecting something wonderful to happen.  Unfortunately, the Sun rules his natal 6th house of health problems, and Venus occupies the natal 12th house of hospitalization and undoing.  Perhaps the positive features of these progressions are that he did not die in the accident and that the experience gave him an astrological theme to write about for years to come, thus noticeably enhancing his career.

Wynn apparently did not pay attention to the very stressful solar arc directed Uranus conjunct natal Mars aspect of May 13th, or to the many minor stressful aspects involving Moon/Neptune, Venus/Jupiter, Jupiter/Venus, and Moon/Jupiter. These are significant because they involve the natal 12th house of confinement.

In addition, on May 28th (ten days after the accident) transiting Saturn exactly conjoined the natal South Lunar Node on the cusp of the natal 8th house of death, as can be seen when we swap the two charts. Transiting Saturn entered the degree of the Moon’s South Node on May 24, 1926, just 6 days after the accident.  To quote astrologer Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson: “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy (italics mine) in a horary or natal chart, the more far-reaching when a malefic is involved.”  In Wynn’s case, Saturn conjoined the Moon’s South Node.

wynn swap

Wynn’s natal char for 9 AM LAT  with Key Cycle chart for accident superimposed.

In conclusion, there are at least three possible birth charts for Sidney Kimball Bennett (Wynn):

  • 9 AM CST as presented at  (this is most certainly not the chart Wynn himself used.)
  • 9 AM LAT (local apparent time, or true solar local time) — this is the time Wynn claims that he was born.  This chart has and ASC of 15 Aries 29.
  • Wynn’s version of the 9 AM true local time chart, which I cannot re-create from the current available astronomical data.  I have no idea of the mathematics that Wynn used to arrive at a natal chart with an ASC of 8 Aries 25, which gives a birth time of 8:48:55 AM CST.




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Alex Rodriguez Announces Retirement

On Sunday 7 August 2016 at an 11 AM press conference in NYC Alex Rodriguez announced his “retirement” from the NY Yankees.  Rodriguez marred his reputation when he admitted to augmenting his natural talent at baseball with the use of performance-enhancing drugs.  His birth time is unknown, so I did a sunrise chart and superimposed the chart for the start of the press conference outside.


At the time of the press conference two major outer planet transits were in effect in Alex’s natal sunrise chart.  Transiting Uranus conjoins natal Jupiter in the sunrise Placidus 10th house, suggesting sudden significant changes in career, feeling liberated and setting off in a new direction.  At the same time, transiting Uranus is square his natal Saturn in the sunrise Placidus 12th house of retirement.

In addition, transiting Saturn in the sunrise Placidus 5th house conjoins natal Neptune, indicating a depressing time of feeling cut off and having to deal with one’s failures.  Ebertin defines Saturn/Neptune as a principle of suffering and renunciation.  At the same time Saturn is square natal Venus in the Placidus sunrise 2nd house of income, suggesting a realistic reassessment of relationships and financial matters such as the contractual relationship between A-Rod and the Yankees.

It is always interesting to see how astrological symbolism plays out in significant events.

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Wynn’s #14 Theory

Recently I’ve been looking at the work of American astrologer Sidney Kimball Bennett, a.k.a. Wynn.

In her book Here and There in Astrology (1961) Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson discusses a chart on pages 46-50 in which she uses the Wynn #14 Theory to predict the unexpected early demise of the native’s father.  I have been unable to locate Wynn’s original description of the #14 Theory, but Goldstein-Jacobson says that it is useful for determining the influence of a planet in other houses of the horoscope.

In the example chart (see below) Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson uses this theory to delineate the influence of Uranus in the nativity.  She says (on page 48) that the number of the house where natal Uranus resides “is deducted from 14, the remainder being the number of the house which reacts to his influence.”  She goes on to say that the same procedure is used to determine the influence of the “Meridian & Horizontal Parallel Points” of Uranus.

Woman born Jan 19, 1902 at 11:47:00 AM in River Vale, New Jersey

Woman born Jan 19, 1902 at 11:36:40 AM in River Vale, New Jersey

In this chart, Uranus resides in the 3rd house.  According to the #14 Theory, the influence of Uranus will be felt in the 11th house during the life of the native. The Meridian Parallel of Uranus is its reflection across the MC/IC axis; in this case, it falls at 24 Aquarius 31 in the 4th house of home and family and its influence will be felt in the 10th of career.  The Horizontal Parallel of Uranus is its reflection across the horizon; in this case it falls at 18 Leo 05 in the natal 10th house and its influence will be felt in the 4th of home, parents and family.

Putting together the symbolism of Uranus with the 4th, 10th, and 11th houses, Goldstein-Jacobson delineates that when Uranus is activated by progression or direction there is likely to be a sudden disruptive event involving career, family, the parents, and the death of one of the parents (because the 11th house is the 8th from the 4th).

In April of 1912 when the native was 10 years and 3 months old, her father died suddenly,while in a coma. Goldstein-Jacobson does not give the exact date of the father’d demise, but it must have been in late April because the native was 10 years and 3 months old at the time (her birth day is on January 19th).

By Solar Arc Direction, directed Mars on 19 April 1912 was at 24 Aquarius 45, just 14″ of arc from exact.  Here is the natal chart with the Solar Arc Directed chart superimposed.

14 theory SA.jpg

Goldstein-Jacobson attributes the coma to Solar Arc directed Uranus opposing natal Uranus.  She also says that the Solar Arc directed Sun in the 4th of fathers squares the natal Moon’s Nodes, suggesting a fatality in the family (4th house).  She regarded the Nodes as fateful degrees.  She does not mention the fact that natal Sun in the 4th forms a close quincunx to natal Neptune, suggesting the possibility that the 4th house parent may have health problems (quincunx) related to Neptune (coma, mysterious ailments, etc.).

In any case, the #14 Theory is a potentially useful tool for chart delineation.  It is based on the idea that the influence of a planet in a house above the horizon will be felt in the corresponding “reflected” house below the horizon: house 2 is reflected in house 12, house 3 in 11, house 4 in 10, house 5 in 9, house 6 in 8, and vice versa.  Since the horizon passes through houses 1 and 7, they are not reflected in the other houses.  The use of Meridian and Horizontal Parallel Points is simply a way of finding two points whose mid-point is either the MC/IC or ASC/DSC, respectively.


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Wynn’s Method of Natal Chart Interpretation

In my last post I reviewed Wynn’s life-threatening car accident of May 1926 which propelled him to invent his method of prediction called the Wynn Key Cycle.  Having developed an interest in Wynn (Sidney Kimball Bennett), I looked at his somewhat unique method of natal chart delineation.

In his book  Your Future: A Guide to Modern Astrology (1935) he discusses the chart of the famous German boxer Max Schmeling (born 28 September 1905, Prezlau, German, time uncertain, possibly 10:50 AM, Rodden rating DD — “dirty data”).   Below is Max Schmeling’s natal chart with Placidus Houses set for Noon (time unknown) followed by Wynn’s delineation from his 1935 book.  (Note that the ‘dirty data’ gives a rising sign of Scorpio where as the Noon chart used by Wynn has Sagittarius rising.)

schmeling cet

“His ruler is Jupiter, because the sign on the Ascendant is Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the ruling planet of this sign; we see it angular and in Gemini, the sign of the hands and the clever, lower mind.  Mars is rising in the Ascendant, showing he can fight, for Mars is the fighters’ planet.  Mars here is in Sagittarius, its second-house sign, indicates money that he can gather by his scrapping abilities; while the entertaining Venus both disposes of his Sun (rules the sign occupied by his Sun) and rules his occupation (tenth house).  Venus in Virgo at the cusp of the ninth is not only in its own fifth-house sign, but it actually rules his mundane fifth, hence his success as both a fighter and entertainer of the public. Saturn, ruling his second (money), is located in its own second-house sign at the cusp of the third, the hands and clever mind again.”  — Wynn, 1935.

Let’s unpack Wynn’s delineation.  He begins with the Sagittarius Ascendant and its ruler, Jupiter and notes that Jupiter is quite powerful being angular and that Jupiter in Gemini indicates manual dexterity and a clever mind — two traits essential to boxing.

Next he points out that Mars (the warrior) rises in the 1st house, indicating prowess at fighting.  Now things get interesting.  Wynn focuses on Mars being in Sagittarius, which is the sign that follows Mars-ruled Scorpio.  Thus, Sagittarius bears a 2nd house relationship to Scorpio which Mars rules, suggesting that Schmeling can earn an income from his boxing abilities (Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st).

Turning to Venus in Virgo at the cusp of the 9th house, Wynn notes that disposes Schmeling’s Libra Sun and also rules the 10th house of career.  Furthermore, Venus governs the “entertainment” 5th house of the chart, and  Virgo bears a fifth house relationship to Taurus on the cusp of the 5th.  Thus Schmeling’s core identity (Sun) and career (10th house) are closely linked through Venus to 5th house themes of games and entertainment.

Wynn concludes by noting that Saturn rules the natal Capricorn 2nd house of income and occupies the sign Aquarius which bears a second house relationship to Capricorn.  Saturn’s conjunction with the cusp of the 3rd house of quick movement, cleverness and manual dexterity again emphasizes Schmeling’s ability to earn money through boxing.

Wynn’s method of delineating house relationships between the sign a planet rules and the one which it occupies provides an interesting twist on natal chart delineation.  If Schmeling were born at the 10:50 AM time with Scorpio rising, however, the delineation would be rather different and might now hold up as well.  Here is the 10:50 AM chart, presumably based on the recollection of the boxer’s mother:

schm 10 50.jpg

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