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An interesting horary chart

An embarrassing addendum (24 Jan 2021): A colleague recently asked me about this chart and upon reviewing the text, I realized that I entered the wrong date in Janus to cast the chart.  My notes indicate that the question was … Continue reading

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Experimenting with 12th-parts in horary

Recently I’ve been experimenting with dodecatemoria or 12th-parts in horary charts. The idea behind 12th-parts is that you can project a single sign onto the entire zodiac. The 12th-parts of the original chart become a kind of hidden zodiac within … Continue reading

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Masha’allah: Will a sick person recover?

The 8th century Jewish Muslim astrologer Masha’allah had a way of analyzing horary charts that is quite instructive. In the previous post I reviewed one of his charts about a 10th house matter. Here I would like to consider how … Continue reading

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