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A horary by Edwin Casael

Edwin Casael was a British astrologer who did a lot of work in horary. Alan Leo was impressed with Casael’s work and published the following question in his 1909 book on horary: “Will I benefit from my uncle’s will?  If not, … Continue reading

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The Modern Confusion about Astrological Houses

Alan Leo did pioneering work in re-introducing astrology into the modern world at the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately in his zeal to simplify astrology, Leo introduced many misunderstandings into the modern astrological lexicon.  The most egregious of these … Continue reading

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Alan Leo’s 1898 horary: “a proposed new company”

Recently I read a horary chart analysis done by the famous astrologer Alan Leo in 1898.  Astrologer Lee Lehman, on her site, reproduced Alan Leo’s text (now in the public domain) which he published in 1907 in No. 7, Horary Astrology, of his … Continue reading

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