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The Primacy of Primary Motion in Astrology

A reader of my book on horary astrology recently wrote to me, asking a question about dexter and sinister aspects in astrology. Lilly had written, “Observe the dexter aspect is more forcible than the Sinister” (CA 109). When I first … Continue reading

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Writer Irvine Welsh: Placidus vs Whole Sign Houses

Recently I watched a video by astrologer Patrick Watson in which he discussed the birth chart of Scottish writer Irvine Welsh from both a Whole Sign and a Placidus house perspective.  After presenting Welsh’s birth chart, Patrick maintained that his … Continue reading

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Lilly’s misleading oversimplification of triplicity rulers

Recently I posted a discussion of “Should I?” questions in horary astrology. One astrologer commented that she was puzzled by my statement that one of Lilly’s charts (“if she should marry the elderly man”) with Mercury ruling the Ascendant and … Continue reading

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