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Experimenting with 12th-parts in horary

Recently I’ve been experimenting with dodecatemoria or 12th-parts in horary charts. The idea behind 12th-parts is that you can project a single sign onto the entire zodiac. The 12th-parts of the original chart become a kind of hidden zodiac within … Continue reading

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Masha’allah: Will a sick person recover?

The 8th century Jewish Muslim astrologer Masha’allah had a way of analyzing horary charts that is quite instructive. In the previous post I reviewed one of his charts about a 10th house matter. Here I would like to consider how … Continue reading

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Where is my pet? Is he okay?

The querent and her husband had just relocated to a new home in a city a few hours from where they had been living.  On the day of the move she could not find her pet at the new location and thought … Continue reading

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Twelfth-parts in Horary

The ancient Babylonians and the Hellenistic astrologers used twelfth-parts (dodecatemoria) of the signs of the zodiac.  The idea is that each sign can be projected onto the entire zodiac circle, with each 2.5 degrees (twelfth-part) of a sign being projected … Continue reading

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Astrology and sexual orientation

This is a summary of a talk given by Spanish astrologer Elías D. Molins in Barcelona in June of 2015 at the 32º Congreso Ibérico de Astrología. The topic of discussion was Astrology and Homosexuality. Elías begins by reviewing his use … Continue reading

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Horary – Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?

Why browsing online recently, I came across the following horary question posted by ‘athenian200’ on astrologyweekly.com: “Why do I keep hiring the wrong astrologers?” The querent complained in the post that: “I’ve found that every time I try to pay … Continue reading

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