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The Origin of the Via Combusta (Burned Path)?

Horary astrologers learn about the Via Combusta or Burned Path as a place of detriment of the Moon.  For example Dorotheus writes in Book V-5 on electional astrology and The Corruption of the Moon: “… a commencement is not to be … Continue reading

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An interesting electional chart

On Thursday, 12 June 2014, a friend in New York called to ask about a best time to leave for the airport the following day.  She and her husband were going to attend a conference in the UK, and their … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Baghdad — Tropical versus Sidereal

Note: This was originally posted in October 2013, but there is an extensive update at the end which was done in September 2017.  The update is a response to the many comments that were left about the original post.  I … Continue reading

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Obamacare Goes Live with Postnatal Distress

The Affordable Care Act Exchanges were scheduled to go live at 8 AM EDT on Tuesday October 1, 2013.  Due to glitches in the system, the actual time Obamacare emerged from the federal womb was 8:17 AM EDT in Washington, … Continue reading

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Asiana Flight 214 and Electional Astrology

On Saturday 6 July 2013 at about 11:27 AM PDT, Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, made a crash landing in San Francisco. The Christian Science Monitor reports: “Flight 214 left Seoul’s Incheon International Airpost earlier Saturday and flew 10 … Continue reading

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Planetary Hours — a special announcement

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at e-books for some time and finally got organized enough to learn the basics of e-book formatting to put together a text on planetary hours, which have intrigued me for many years.  My … Continue reading

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