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Reflections on Traditional Dignities & Debilities

There has been much discussion online recently about an article by astrologer Ray Grasse about traditional dignities and debilities of planets in which, if I understand him correctly, the author argues that traditional categories are often “black-or-white,” and a concept, … Continue reading

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Pushing management, power and nature in horary

A fellow astrologer recently asked me a question about a horary (Chart 51) in my 1998 text. The question was asked by my editor Tom about an advertisement he was writing. Tom wanted to know whether his superiors at the … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Fallen Mars

Recently I read a discussion in a traditional astrology group about combustion, planetary dignity, the effect of sect on the so-called “malefic” planets, Mars and Saturn. Combustion occurs when a planet is obscured by the light of the sun due … Continue reading

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The curious case of “not-reception”

Astrologers love to talk about how one planet receives another in one of its dignities, including the wonderful situation of mutual reception in which each planet occupies a major dignity of the other, for example, Venus in Cancer (ruled by … Continue reading

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