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Saturn as the “Sun of the Night”

Back in the 1980s, while reading about the history of astrology, I came across the description of Saturn as the “Sun of the night,” which was apparently how the Babylonians viewed the ringed planet. This idea of Saturn playing the … Continue reading

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Antiscions in the chart of Consul Ceionius Rufius Albinus

In his book the Mathesis (aka Matheseos Libri), the 4th century astrologer Julius Firmicus Maternus discusses the chart of a Roman Consul from the point of view of antiscions.  I used the James Holden translation of Maternus. The word antiscion derives … Continue reading

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For those who may be interested I just wrote a brief article on dodekatemoria for the Spanish website Campus Astrología: The article is based on the following passage from page  157 of the book In the Path of the Moon:Babylonian Celestial Divination … Continue reading

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