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The Primacy of Primary Motion in Astrology

A reader of my book on horary astrology recently wrote to me, asking a question about dexter and sinister aspects in astrology. Lilly had written, “Observe the dexter aspect is more forcible than the Sinister” (CA 109). When I first … Continue reading

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Primary Directions and the Crisis in Venezuela

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the Hellenistic technique of “distributions” which involves looking at the planetary ruler of the bound (or term) which the directed Ascendant is traversing as you advance a chart using primary directions.  You also consider any … Continue reading

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Zodiacal Releasing from the Ascendant

In his text Vettius Valens tended to do zodiacal releasing (aphesis) from the Lot of Spirit or the Lot of Fortune. Theoretically there is no reason why we can’t begin the releasing from any of the twelve signs to study … Continue reading

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La Liberación Zodiacal

For those who may be interested, Campus Astrología of Barcelona recently published a brief article I wrote about zodiacal releasing. Click on the following image to see it: Zodiacal Releasing  

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The Zodiacal Releasing of a Pleasant Surprise

Last year I wrote about the astrology of a pleasant surprise. To quote that post: “Not long after my horary book was first published I attended the United Astrology Congress at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Washington, D.C. from April 16 to … Continue reading

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Does “sect” make sense in modern astrology?

One of the basic tenets of Hellenistic astrology is the idea of sect.  Ancient astrologers believed that the astrological behavior of a visible planet varies with whether the native is born during the daytime or at night, that is, when the sun … Continue reading

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