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Bias in astrological data collection?

Hillary Clinton has been making the news recently because of her negative comments about Bernie Sanders. During the last election cycle there was much debate about the accurate birth time of Hillary Clinton. Interestingly AstroDataBank (astro.com) lists two birth times: … Continue reading

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Hillary’s loss, Trump’s win, and the Importance of an Accurate Birth Time

In July of this year I posted an astrological analysis of the election in which I wrote the following: “Hillary Clinton is more likely than Donald Trump to be our next president, though she will have some tough times in late … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Wobble

The big news this week in the presidential campaign has been Hillary Clinton’s wobble at the 9-11 ceremony and the revelation of her diagnosis of pneumonia.  According to news reports: “Clinton, who was here and only about 20 feet away … Continue reading

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Will Hillary be our next President?

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are just around the corner, it seems clear that the November U.S. Presidential Election will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We have reliable information for Trump’s birth but Hillary’s birth data … Continue reading

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