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Masha’allah: Will a sick person recover?

The 8th century Jewish Muslim astrologer Masha’allah had a way of analyzing horary charts that is quite instructive. In the previous post I reviewed one of his charts about a 10th house matter. Here I would like to consider how … Continue reading

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Perfection by opposition: a horary about a kingdom by Masha’allah

(This was originally posted in April of 2017 and was updated with some additional comments about timing and zodiacal releasing on 8 Oct 2017.) Masha’allah (730-815 CE) was a Jewish astrologer from Basra who converted to Islam. His books were … Continue reading

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Masha’allah vs Lilly on Horary Astrology

Recently I read a post by a traditional astrologer, Konrad, at his site Esmeralda Astrology regarding  Masha’allah’s method of Horary  Astrology.  The question was “Will I get the job?” and the astrologer understood and cast the chart for May 17, 2011 … Continue reading

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