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The Beheading of Jerome Cardan’s Son

The Italian astrologer Jerome Cardan (1501 – 1576), aka Gerolamo Cardano, was one of the greatest mathematicians of the Renaissance. Because he was often short on cash, he developed probability theory to help him win at gambling. Cardan was born … Continue reading

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Musings on Days and Sidereal Time

I like to review periodically some basic concepts of astronomy to get a better perspective on what we do as astrologers. Perhaps the most basic idea of all is the length of a day, which is based on the rotation … Continue reading

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Primary directions as a time-lord system

In his book on Primary Directions Morinus makes clear that an event predicted by a primary direction rarely takes place on the date that the direction becomes exact.  Instead it may well occur within the several months before or after … Continue reading

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Morinus falls ill, and the Ptolemy-Naibod midpoint in primary directions

In his book on primary directions (Book 22 of Astrologia Gallica, pp.56-59 of the Holden translation), Morinus describes a serious illness which he contracted in 1652 while observing a solar eclipse.  He fell ill with a fever and catarrh on … Continue reading

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