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Some Thoughts about Cuspal Interlink Astrology

Recently I’ve been exploring a Hindu astrological technique called “cuspal interlink” theory, which was developed by Indian astrologer S.P. Khullar, based on the pioneering work of the late K.S. Krishnamurti (1902 – 1978) who developed KP astrology. Krishnamurti had the … Continue reading

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In horary, can a planet in a house signify the quesited?

There is disagreement in the literature about whether a planet in the house of the quesited can signify the quesisted if it is not also the ruler of the sign on the cusp. John Frawley, for instance, on page 34 … Continue reading

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How long is a year in predictive astrology? Vettius Valens vs Nakshatra time.

When I was first learning about the technique of zodiacal releasing in the works of Vettius Valens, I was surprised to learn that Valens used a “year” of 360 days to time the unfolding of the various periods.  His system … Continue reading

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