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Which House Rules Cars?

In her book on horary astrology (p. 217), Olivia Barclay presents a chart for the question, “I have fallen in love with an 1937 Bentley.  Will I be able to buy it?”  (15 Feb 1987, 4:42 PM GMT, 51N13, 1E25).  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horary Astrology by Ema Kurent

A few weeks ago I received a review copy of a recently published book on horary by Slovenian astrologer Ema Kurent.  I don’t know Ema personally but I am familiar with her work through an online astrology group which we … Continue reading

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Another example of 12th parts in horary

The ancient Babylonians and the Hellenistic astrologers used twelfth-parts (dodecatemoria) of the signs of the zodiac.  The idea is that each sign can be projected onto the entire zodiac circle, with each 2.5 degrees (twelfth-part) of a sign being projected … Continue reading

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