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Lilly’s Tradesman: Will I be rich, or subsist of myself without marriage? (CA 177)

To illustrate certain horary principles William Lilly presented a chart (CA 177) of a question by a tradesman who asked about several matters, including whether he would eventually be rich. Here is the chart recalculated by modern computer, but very … Continue reading

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Sibly on Length of Life in Horary Astrology

Recently I was browsing through Sibly’s 1817 book on astrology and studying some of his sample horary charts. Not long ago a colleague asked me about time limits for horary charts, whether they were of short duration or could span … Continue reading

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Bonatti on choosing among options in horary

Bonatti gives an interesting method of answering horary questions of the type, “Should I choose option A or B or C, etc.? Which option is best for me?” Ben Dykes translates Bonatti’s chapter heading as follows: “Of two lands or houses … Continue reading

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Zodiacal Releasing from the Ascendant

In his text Vettius Valens tended to do zodiacal releasing (aphesis) from the Lot of Spirit or the Lot of Fortune. Theoretically there is no reason why we can’t begin the releasing from any of the twelve signs to study … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Baghdad — Tropical versus Sidereal

Note: This was originally posted in October 2013, but there is an extensive update at the end which was done in September 2017.  The update is a response to the many comments that were left about the original post.  I … Continue reading

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