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Lilly on Planets that Impede What Is Demanded

On pages 184-186 of Christian Astrology, William Lilly gives a rather dense account of conditionsunder which the thing demanded in a horary question can be either hindered or assisted in coming to pass. Because Lilly’s 17th century English can be … Continue reading

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Pushing management, power and nature in horary

A fellow astrologer recently asked me a question about a horary (Chart 51) in my 1998 text. The question was asked by my editor Tom about an advertisement he was writing. Tom wanted to know whether his superiors at the … Continue reading

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Live or die? An example of “prohibition” from Masha’allah

In the past couple of posts I’ve been looking at ‘prohibition’ in horary. Going through some old charts, I came across this horary from Masha’allah. The querent who is apparently quite ill wants to know whether he will live or … Continue reading

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Reflections on “pushing nature” in horary astrology

Ben Dykes has introduced the term “pushing” in his translations of aspectual relationships between planets in older Arabic and medieval texts.  The idea is simply that when planet A applies to planet B, it is as if planet A is … Continue reading

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