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A Useful Predictive Feature of the Moon’s Nodes

The Nodes of the Moon are points in space where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the apparent path of the Sun (the ecliptic) in its annual journey around the Earth in the geocentric model of the … Continue reading

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When do Planets finally grow up?

In the book Light on Life (1996), the authors, Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda, note that Hindu astrologers believe that each planet ripens or reaches “maturation” at a certain age, specifically: the sun at year 22 (I believe these … Continue reading

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Stationary True Lunar Nodes in Solar Returns

The Moon’s nodes come in two varieties: true nodes and “mean” or average nodes. Traditionally the mean nodes were used because astronomers did not have instruments capable of measuring the subtle movements on the Moon on its orbit around the … Continue reading

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A Compelling Observation about the Moon’s True Nodes in Solar Returns

In June of 2019 I’ll be speaking on Solar Returns at the 36th Congreso Ibérico de Astrología in San Sebastián, Spain.  In preparation for this talk, I examined dozens of solar returns of prominent figures for years when dramatic events … Continue reading

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Horary: Where am I? A tale of the Moon’s Nodes

I had an interesting horary experience today. A colleague and I had agreed to meet in Skype at 10 AM to discuss some charts. She lives in Argentina and was surprised to find that I was not online when she … Continue reading

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