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Reflections on the Coronation of the Raven King

This post was prompted by Aswin Subramanyan’s blog about Matthias Corvinus, aka Matthias I, King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458 to 1490. “Corvinus” comes from the Latin word for raven, the bird which was emblazoned on his coat of … Continue reading

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Zadkiel’s Rejection of Regiomontanus Houses

On Friday 21 February 2020 I had the great pleasure of chatting with Chris Brennan of The Astrology Podcast about a blog post I did regarding the switch from Regiomontanus to Placidus houses in England, starting at the end of … Continue reading

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Morin’s use of Whole Sign Houses

The great 17th century French astrologer Jean-Baptiste Morin de Villefranche used both whole sign and quadrant house systems. He regarded Regiomontanus as “formal” houses and whole sign houses as “accidental ones.” For example, in his delineation of the chart of … Continue reading

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Another horary with Whole Sign Houses

My most recent post about horary with Whole Sign houses produced a number of strong reactions, so I thought it would be useful to look at another chart from the literature from the perspective of Lilly’s framework of Regiomontanus houses … Continue reading

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