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Combining Zodiacal Releasing with Vedic Mahadashas

Recently I’ve been re-reading an old book by astrologer Richarch Houck (13 Apr 1947 – 01 Apr 2001).  My first exposure to Vedic astrology came with reading Houck’s classic The Astrology of Death back in the 90s.  I must confess that at … Continue reading

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Shooting in Baton Rouge

Sunday morning we woke to the news of yet another shooting — this time at about 8:46 AM CDT in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The alleged killer was identified as Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri. He chose to carry out … Continue reading

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Astrologer wins literary prize

At age 28, Eleanor Catton is the youngest author to win Britain’s prestigious Man Booker literary prize for her novel The Luminaries. She was born in Ontario, Canada, on 24 September 1985 and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand.  According to a … Continue reading

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The Naked Prince (this post is likely to be banned in the UK)

British royal Prince Harry caused quite a sensation in August 2012 when he was filmed cavorting naked with his equally clothing-challenged drunken buddies in Las Vegas, one of whom was later arrested on felony charges for passing fraudulent checks.  The … Continue reading

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Freestyle skier Sarah Burke dies after training accident

It is always instructive to look at the charts of individuals who make the news.  Freestyle skier Sarah Burke died on Thursday, Jan 19, 2012, as a result of injuries sustained in a tragic training accident on Jan 10, 2012, … Continue reading

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