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Saturn meets Pluto, revisited

Back in 2012 I ran into a series of charts of people I knew and those in the news, in which transiting Saturn was crossing natal Pluto.  This is often quite a difficult transit.  I posted a couple of these … Continue reading

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Designer L’Wren Scott Dies at 49

The apparent suicide of fashion designer L’Wren Scott has been much in the news lately, partly because she happens to be the partner of Mick Jagger.  Ms. Scott was found dead by her assistant at her NYC Chelsea apartment around … Continue reading

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The Arabic Part of Fatality in a Plane Crash

On Friday 09 August 2013 a small plane crashed into a house near Tweed airport in East Haven, CT.  Four people died in the accident, which occurred “shortly before 11:30 AM” according to news reports.  The exact time was not … Continue reading

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The Naked Prince (this post is likely to be banned in the UK)

British royal Prince Harry caused quite a sensation in August 2012 when he was filmed cavorting naked with his equally clothing-challenged drunken buddies in Las Vegas, one of whom was later arrested on felony charges for passing fraudulent checks.  The … Continue reading

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