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Reflections on a Fallen Mars

Recently I read a discussion in a traditional astrology group about combustion, planetary dignity, the effect of sect on the so-called “malefic” planets, Mars and Saturn. Combustion occurs when a planet is obscured by the light of the sun due … Continue reading

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Angular Diameter, Sect, the 5-degree rule and the Aries Ingress

Modern practitioners of Hellenistic astrology have noticed that when the Sun is very close to the Ascendant, it can sometimes be difficult to judge the sect (diurnal or nocturnal) of a chart when delineating it using Hellenistic methods. Technically speaking, … Continue reading

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Does “sect” make sense in modern astrology?

One of the basic tenets of Hellenistic astrology is the idea of sect.  Ancient astrologers believed that the astrological behavior of a visible planet varies with whether the native is born during the daytime or at night, that is, when the sun … Continue reading

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