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The sidereal zodiac in Hellenistic and Persian astrology

In reading the texts of Hellenistic and Persian astrologers, like Vettius Valens and Abu Ma’Shar, it becomes clear that in their case examples they are using the sidereal zodiac, which they inherited from the Babylonians. Even though Hellenistic astrologers around … Continue reading

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Solar Returns – when does the Sun really get there?

Last weekend I gave a talk on Solar Returns to the Mid-Hudson NCGR group in New York state. We had a lively discussion, and the meeting left me wondering about several aspects of solar returns which seemed worth investigating further. … Continue reading

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The Foundation of Baghdad — Tropical versus Sidereal

Note: This was originally posted in October 2013, but there is an extensive update at the end which was done in September 2017.  The update is a response to the many comments that were left about the original post.  I … Continue reading

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