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An interesting rectification

Rectifying charts is not an easy task. Recently I’ve been re-reading some old books by Robert DeLuce from the 1930s. In his text on rectifying natal charts, DeLuce gives a case example which I thought would be worth looking at. … Continue reading

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A Great Coordinate Conversion Tool for Astrologers

The accuracy of astrological charts depends on having a fairly precise time of birth at a specific location on earth. Most astrological software allows you to select a city of birth but does not provide the exact coordinates for a … Continue reading

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“Age Harmonic” Charts

Recently, in this age of corona virus, I was chatting online with a colleague who does a lot of sports astrology. One of his favorite techniques is to analyze the “age harmonic” charts of two teams to predict the outcome. … Continue reading

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Have horary astrologers misunderstood triplicity rulers?

Most horary astrologers have learned William Lilly’s system of triplicity rulers, derived from Ptolemy, in which each sign is ruled by one triplicity ruler by day and another one by night. In his table of dignities (CA, 104), Lilly gives … Continue reading

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The Star-cross’d Relationship of Richie and Jonathan

This post is a follow-up to a previous post about bullying in the NFL.  By now, the world knows that football player Jonathan Martin accused his teammate Richie Incognito of “bullying.”  Mr. Incognito was suspended pending the investigation of the allegations. … Continue reading

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