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Reflections on the Thema Mundi and Jaimini Astrology

Recently I’ve been trying to learn something about Vedic astrology and have been comparing the basic concepts of the Vedic approach with those of early Hellenistic astrology. Fundamental to the Hellenistic approach is the teaching device known as the Thema … Continue reading

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Con-significators in horary

In his descriptions of the astrological houses in Christian Astrology (pages 50-56), Lilly mentions the con-significators of the houses, which he appears to view as a kind of minor dignity somewhat like the joys of the planets, but he never … Continue reading

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Hellenistic Theology and a Theory about the Origin of the Joys of the Planets

Chris Brennan’s lecture, which I discussed in the previous post, got me to thinking about the origin of the “joys of the planets.”  I am repeating below the section of the previous post that deals with a hypothesis I developed … Continue reading

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Chris Brennan’s discovery about Triplicities and the Joys of the Planets

I had the pleasure of attending Chris Brennan’s webinar on 18 May 2013 about the joys of the planets.  The issue of the various systems of triplicities has long been puzzling to astrologers.  Chris has done a great service in … Continue reading

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Modern muddleheadedness about ‘natural’ rulers of the astrological houses

I have a few pet peeves about astrology that center mostly on the sloppy use of language rooted in a lack of awareness of the history of the art.  Pick up almost any modern text and you will likely read … Continue reading

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