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An interesting horary chart

I  also posted this in a horary group in which I participate and will update this post once the outcome is known.  The chart and dignity table are from the Janus 5 astrology program (a recent update). Question: The querent … Continue reading

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Some useful free resources for traditional astrologers

Several people have asked me recently for links to free resources about traditional astrology. Many student astrologers can’t afford commercial programs, and fortunately there is much available online for those who wish to experiment with  traditional techniques. My favorite free … Continue reading

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The Modern Misunderstanding of the ‘Void of Course’ Moon

Someone recently asked me a  question:  “In a horary chart, is a significator void of course if it is applying towards a square with the North Node?”  This got me thinking about the history of the idea of ‘void of course’ … Continue reading

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Can Modern Planets be used with Traditional Astrology?

My own view of astrology is that it is a form of divination and an amalgamation of diverse techniques and traditions that sometimes contradict one another.  It is laughable that some astrologers claim they have the “true” astrology or the … Continue reading

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