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Dariot: Will I get any of my brother’s goods? — a 16th century horary

The 16th century French physician and astrologer Claude Dariot (1533, Ponnar – 1594, Dijon) received his medical education at the University of Montpellier in France. He published several books on both medicine and astrology. His work on horary astrology was … Continue reading

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An example of transfer of light in horary

Recently I came across an interesting example of the use of transfer of light in horary. The querent, the astrologer who asked the question, kindly gave me permission to reproduce her chart here. The astrologer is a woman who asked … Continue reading

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Bonatti: Will I get my dead uncle’s goods?

Guido Bonatti (? 1207 – ? 1296 CE) published his famous compendium of astrology around the year 1277 CE.  In Treatise 6 On Questions he gives the example of a horary chart for a question posed to him by one … Continue reading

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