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Jay Leno confronts Saturn, Mars and Zeus

Recently the comedian Jay Leno has been in the news because of a series of accidents and surgeries. An avid fan of automobiles, he suffered severe burns to his face and upper body on November 12, 2022, while working on … Continue reading

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Struck by lightning on the way to the wedding

In the last post I presented the aphorisms of Nicholas Culpeper regarding horary astrology. In reading about Culpeper’s life, I came across an odd bit of history which seemed worth astrological investigation. Culpeper was born on 18 October 1616 (OS), … Continue reading

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Predicting with Symolic Directions using Uranus-arc

Recently I was reading about Boris Cristoff’s “Proluna” method of prediction in which, if I understand it correctly, he directs the natal chart symbolically at the rate of 7 years per astrological house. This idea is based on the fact … Continue reading

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Luke Broughton on Gemini as the zodiac sign of the USA

The 19th century British-American astrologer Luke Broughton (1828-1899) popularized the idea that the USA was a nation ruled by the sign Gemini. This notion was repeated by other astrologers of the time, such as Raphael in his book on Mundane … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise

On 4 February 2020 I received a surprise in the mail. Llewellyn Publishers sent me copies of my book Tarot Plain and Simple translated into Russian. Here is a photo. In my natal chart, transiting Moon was exactly conjunct my … Continue reading

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An electional chart with an expected unexpected twist

A couple days ago a NYC friend called me with a request for an optimal time to leave for a flight at Kennedy Airport.  She was planning to go skiing and had already booked the flight.  To get the the … Continue reading

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A Progressive Politician

Recently I was listening to a news broadcast about Bill de Blasio, the Mayor elect of New York City.  The journalist must have used the word ‘progressive’ at least a dozen times in describing the new mayor’s views.  It occurred … Continue reading

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