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The USA Gemini rising chart revisited

Over the years I have used the USA Gemini rising chart with good results and have tweaked it to about 2:13:48 AM LMT (a 7 Gemini 27 ASC). Other astrologers, like  Don and Jayj Jacobs, have rectified this chart to 2:14:14 … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved: the USA Gemini Rising Chart

For years I have used a Gemini rising chart for the July 4, 1776 birth of the nation.  I learned this technique many years ago from astrologer Don Jacobs (“Moby Dick the Astrologer”).  Don’s son Jayj worked with his dad … Continue reading

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Will Hillary be our next President?

Now that the Republican and Democratic conventions are just around the corner, it seems clear that the November U.S. Presidential Election will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  We have reliable information for Trump’s birth but Hillary’s birth data … Continue reading

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Tweaking the USA Gemini Rising Chart to 2:13:43 a.m.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon got me thinking about the USA Gemini rising chart.  In yesterday’s blog I used the Jacobs version of the USA chart instead of the slightly earlier time which I usually use.   About a … Continue reading

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