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Pushing management, power and nature in horary

A fellow astrologer recently asked me a question about a horary (Chart 51) in my 1998 text. The question was asked by my editor Tom about an advertisement he was writing. Tom wanted to know whether his superiors at the … Continue reading

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Horary about an astrological coaching practice

Today I received the following question from a reader of this blog. Because she raises an important question, I decided to answer her inquiry in blog form.  Here is her question: “Hi Anthony – I have a tattered copy of … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Via Combusta (Burned Path)?

Horary astrologers learn about the Via Combusta or Burned Path as a place of detriment of the Moon.  For example Dorotheus writes in Book V-5 on electional astrology and The Corruption of the Moon: “… a commencement is not to be … Continue reading

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Does the Via Combusta apply to Natal Charts?

In response to my previous post on the via combusta, James asked whether this idea from horary astrolgoy could be applied to natal charts.  Here is the gist of my response with some elaborations and a sample chart: The question … Continue reading

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The Navy Yard Shootings and the Via Combusta

A question from a reader prompted me to look at the role of the Via Combusta (the ‘burnt way’) in the Navy Yard shootings chart (September 16, 2013, around 8:20 AM Washington, DC). The Via Combusta is one of the … Continue reading

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