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Void of course Moon in a “lost and found” horary

Recently while reading about Vedic horary astrology, I came across a question analyzed by a Vedic astrologer and wondered if Lilly’s approach would provide a similar answer. The querent had gone to the post office to mail a package but … Continue reading

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Horary about an astrological coaching practice

Today I received the following question from a reader of this blog. Because she raises an important question, I decided to answer her inquiry in blog form.  Here is her question: “Hi Anthony – I have a tattered copy of … Continue reading

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What did Lilly mean by “hardly”?

Lilly tells us in Christian Astrology (1647) that things “go hardly on” when the Moon is void of course.  The modern meaning of “hardly” is “barely or scarcely,” but did it mean that in Lilly’s time? According to the Online … Continue reading

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The Modern Misunderstanding of the ‘Void of Course’ Moon

Someone recently asked me a  question:  “In a horary chart, is a significator void of course if it is applying towards a square with the North Node?”  This got me thinking about the history of the idea of ‘void of course’ … Continue reading

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