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Temporal “Aspects” in Ancient Astrology

Recently I watched a Webinar by Kenneth Bowser on “in mundo aspects” which he had given at the 2022 ISAR conference. In it, he revisits a theme which he wrote about in The Mountain Astrologer in 1996 in which he … Continue reading

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Did William Lilly misunderstand contrantiscions?

William Lilly writes on pages 91-92 of Christian Astrology (1647): “and as there are Antiscions, which of the good planets we think are equal to a Sextile, or Trine; so are there Contrantiscions, which we find to be of the … Continue reading

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Distortions due to the Astrological “12-letter Alphabet”

One of the banes of modern astrology is the adoption of the 12-letter alphabet which equates planets with signs and with houses. In such a system there is no difference in signification, for example, between Mars, Aries and the 1st … Continue reading

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What does the sign Gemini have to do with wainscoting?

Recently I reviewed a horary chart about a missing piece of jewelry. The Moon in this chart happened to be in Gemini along with Jupiter, which ruled the 4th house cusp. The Moon is a general signifier of missing things … Continue reading

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Lilly’s Tradesman: Will I be rich, or subsist of myself without marriage? (CA 177)

To illustrate certain horary principles William Lilly presented a chart (CA 177) of a question by a tradesman who asked about several matters, including whether he would eventually be rich. Here is the chart recalculated by modern computer, but very … Continue reading

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When is a planet really ‘cazimi’

In March of 2021 several astrological sites posted articles about the supposed upcoming phenomenon of Venus being ‘cazimi’ on March 26th at 5 Aries 50 in the tropical zodiac. The word ‘cazimi’ apparently comes from an Arabic term meaning ‘in … Continue reading

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When is the Moon truly void-of-course?

A recent horary chart posted by Lynn Holt in a Facebook horary group featured a void of course Moon, yet the outcome was favorable for the querent. Lynn kindly gave permission to reproduce her chart in this blog post. The … Continue reading

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Lilly’s Considerations before Judgement in Horary

Recently Chris Brennan on his Astrology Podcast interviewed one of my favorite horary astrologers, Sue Ward, about Lilly’s Considerations before Judgement. I thought it would be useful to post Lilly’s comments in one place so I went through Christian Astrology … Continue reading

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A note of the concept of Void of Course in horary

Sue Ward recently appeared on The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan. One of the topics they discussed was her seminal paper on Lilly’s understanding of a void of course moon or planet. Sue mentioned that the definition had changed since … Continue reading

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A remarkable multi-translation of light

William Lilly defines “translation of light and nature“(CA 111) as “when a light Planet separates from a more weighty one, and presently joynes to another more heavy.” He gives the example that Mercury at 16 Aries “translates the virtue of … Continue reading

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