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The Sorrows of Young Werther and Zodiacal Releasing

After reading the previous post, which is a translation of an article from Argentina about zodiacal releasing, several people have asked me to provide an example of the method in practice. I decided to look at the life of the … Continue reading

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A brief overview of Zodiacal Releasing

I came across this blog post about Zodiacal Releasing on the Argentinian site Cosmoazul and asked the author, Alex, for permission to translate and repost it here. Alex kindly consented so here is his 2012 article about Aphesis.  Any mis-translations … Continue reading

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Should annual profections be measured in “years” of 360 days — a 5-degree rule for years?

To quote wikipedia: “The ancient Egyptian calendar was a solar calendar with a 365-day year. The year consisted of three seasons of 120 days each, plus an intercalary month of 5 epagomenal days treated as outside of the year proper. … Each month was divided into … Continue reading

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Zodiacal Releasing from the Ascendant

In his text Vettius Valens tended to do zodiacal releasing (aphesis) from the Lot of Spirit or the Lot of Fortune. Theoretically there is no reason why we can’t begin the releasing from any of the twelve signs to study … Continue reading

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The Solar Eclipse and the Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

On Thursday, 17 August 2017, terrorist drove a van on La Rambla in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring many others.  According to Spanish news reports, the attack began at 16:50 (4:50 p.m.) local time (“A las 16.50 horas, una … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods’ Arrest for Alleged DUI

At 2:49 AM on Monday (Memorial Day) 29 May 2017 Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter Florida for an alleged DUI, which he blamed on prescription medications.  Here is his natal chart surrounded by the transits for the incident. What … Continue reading

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Zodiacal Releasing in Horary Charts

Recently I’ve been experimenting with the Hellenistic time-lord technique of zodiacal releasing in horary charts, and it seems to be quite useful. In zodiacal releasing each of the seven visible planets is assigned to specific time periods in the progression … Continue reading

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