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Why are Placidus Houses so Popular?

Recently I watched a YouTube video about house systems in astrology. This otherwise helpful video on astrological house systems contains a glaring error. The idea that Placidus became popular in the West only because tables of Placidus houses were so … Continue reading

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The Péladan Spread with Ordinary Playing Cards

Recently I’ve been experimenting with divination using standard playing cards to see how they differ from a Tarot deck. To keep matters simple, I decided to employ the classic 5-card spread of Péladan in which the cards are laid out … Continue reading

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The Progressed Yogini Nakshatra

Recently astrologer Rok Koritnik published a fascinating post about a medical emergency involving his heart, entitled A Heart Gone Out of Whack, in which he analyzes the event from a classical Hellenistic point of view. Since I’ve been experimenting recently … Continue reading

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