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The Neglected Nonagesimal

In most types of astrology the Midheaven (MC, or Medium Coeli) is considered to be of extreme importance. Most quadrant house systems use the MC as the cusp of the 10th house. Some astrologers incorrectly refer to the MC as … Continue reading

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When is a planet really ‘cazimi’

In March of 2021 several astrological sites posted articles about the supposed upcoming phenomenon of Venus being ‘cazimi’ on March 26th at 5 Aries 50 in the tropical zodiac. The word ‘cazimi’ apparently comes from an Arabic term meaning ‘in … Continue reading

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An interesting case of twins born 2 minutes apart

Recently I was reading in post by Michel Ibarra on the FB Traditional Astrology Forum about the charts of twin sisters, one of whom was murdered. The birth times are Rodden rating AA and taken from their birth certificates, so … Continue reading

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