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Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”

The east coast of the United States was predicted to be battered by hurricane Sandy, dubbed a Frankenstorm, during the period October 28 – 30, 2012.   The brunt of the storm was to be felt from Monday afternoon through Tuesday … Continue reading

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Updated prediction of U.S. Presidential Election 2012

This post is an update to my previous post about the presidential election.  The majority of astrologers are predicting a win for Obama, though a handful of very reputable astrologers feel it will go to Romney.   My own view … Continue reading

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Analogical Reasoning in Astrology

The previous discussion of William Lilly and con-significators  got me thinking about how astrologers draw conclusions in their work.  Sometimes astrologers use logical deduction (Morinus is a great example) and sometimes they appeal to evidence or facts (Ebertin on midpoints), … Continue reading

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Modern muddleheadedness about ‘natural’ rulers of the astrological houses

I have a few pet peeves about astrology that center mostly on the sloppy use of language rooted in a lack of awareness of the history of the art.  Pick up almost any modern text and you will likely read … Continue reading

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Understanding “standing” in horary astrology

I recently posted this comment at the Traditional Astrologers page on Facebook: “I have a historical question about the first use of a term in astrology. Modern astrologers sometimes talk about a querent’s ‘standing’ to ask a horary question. I … Continue reading

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A Horary Glossary by Anthony Louis

Below is a copy of A Horary Glossary which I first published at my AOL site back in the early 1990s and included in my book on horary.  Since then AOL has stopped sponsoring websites and the glossary became unavailable … Continue reading

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Bast the Cat and the Queen of Wands

I often draw a random tarot card in the morning to see what images related to the card will cross my path during the day.  One recent morning I drew the Queen of Wands from the Waite-Smith deck: Shortly thereafter … Continue reading

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Alan Leo’s 1898 horary: “a proposed new company”

Recently I read a horary chart analysis done by the famous astrologer Alan Leo in 1898. Astrologer Lee Lehman, on her site, reproduced Alan Leo’s text (now in the public domain) which he published in 1907 in No. 7, Horary Astrology, of his … Continue reading

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Girl missing in Wales

According to the BBC, a week ago today April Jones, a 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, was playing  with friends near her home on the Bryn-Y-Gog estate in Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, when she was abducted by a man in a van … Continue reading

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An interesting planetary alignment over the pyramids at Giza

An image on Facebook illustrates an artist’s conception of a planetary alignment that will occur at 9:51 a.m. on December 3, 2012 in Giza, Egypt.  The artist took a nighttime photo of the pyramids and superimposed a daytime astrological event … Continue reading

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