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Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm”

The east coast of the United States was predicted to be battered by hurricane Sandy, dubbed a Frankenstorm, during the period October 28 – 30, 2012.   The brunt of the storm was to be felt from Monday afternoon through Tuesday … Continue reading

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Updated prediction of U.S. Presidential Election 2012

This post is an update to my previous post about the presidential election.  The majority of astrologers are predicting a win for Obama, though a handful of very reputable astrologers feel it will go to Romney.   My own view … Continue reading

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Analogical Reasoning in Astrology

The previous discussion of William Lilly and con-significators  got me thinking about how astrologers draw conclusions in their work.  Sometimes astrologers use logical deduction (Morinus is a great example) and sometimes they appeal to evidence or facts (Ebertin on midpoints), … Continue reading

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Modern muddleheadedness about ‘natural’ rulers of the astrological houses

I have a few pet peeves about astrology that center mostly on the sloppy use of language rooted in a lack of awareness of the history of the art.  Pick up almost any modern text and you will likely read … Continue reading

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Understanding “standing” in horary astrology

I recently posted this comment at the Traditional Astrologers page on Facebook: “I have a historical question about the first use of a term in astrology. Modern astrologers sometimes talk about a querent’s ‘standing’ to ask a horary question. I … Continue reading

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A Horary Glossary by Anthony Louis

Below is a copy of A Horary Glossary which I first published at my AOL site back in the early 1990s and included in my book on horary.  Since then AOL has stopped sponsoring websites and the glossary became unavailable … Continue reading

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Bast the Cat and the Queen of Wands

I often draw a random tarot card in the morning to see what images related to the card will cross my path during the day.  One recent morning I drew the Queen of Wands from the Waite-Smith deck: Shortly thereafter … Continue reading

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