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William Lilly: A lady, if marry the gentleman desired? (CA p. 385)

In my previous post we looked at Lilly’s concept of the void of course Moon.  To illustrate I cited one of Lilly’s charts from Christian Astrology and I thought it would be worthwhile to study that chart in more detail, … Continue reading

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The Modern Misunderstanding of the ‘Void of Course’ Moon

Someone recently asked me a  question:  “In a horary chart, is a significator void of course if it is applying towards a square with the North Node?”  This got me thinking about the history of the idea of ‘void of course’ … Continue reading

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Northwestern Student’s Last Ping

In the previous post I looked at the chart for the time a missing Northwestern student was last seen leaving a party on Saturday 22 September 2012.  Since then his body has been found in Wilmette harbor on Lake Michigan and … Continue reading

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Missing College Student

The local news has been reporting about a student who went missing after a party last Friday evening.  The following appeared on Facebook: “9/25/2012: The FBI is assisting with the search for missing Northwestern University student Harsha Maddula (18) last … Continue reading

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One with the Tiger

On Friday afternoon, 21 September 2012, at about 3:35 p.m., David Villalobos, a 25-year-old cat lover from Mahopac, jumped from the Bronx Zoo’s elevated monorail into the cage of a 400-pound tiger.   He was injured in the 17-foot fall and … Continue reading

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Astrological timing of Events

Today I attended a workshop by Julene Packer on the astrological timing of events.  Her approach is to review the astrological aspects related to a specific question from the slowest to the fastest moving chart factos, beginning with the very … Continue reading

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The stressful transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect

Much has appeared in the astrological literature recently about this year’s transiting Uranus square Pluto aspect which currently becomes exact on September 19, 2012, one day after Pluto turns stationary direct.  There are seven exact Uranus/Pluto squares between 2012 and … Continue reading

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Proof that horary really works?

Today on his Facebook page, John Frawley posted a comment about a horary question that was asked on Sunday 16 September 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.  He went to lunch with some colleagues who were attending an astrology conference when one … Continue reading

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Sun Myung Moon dies Sunday September 2, 2012

Sun Myung Moon, the North Korean cult leader and one of the greatest con artists of all time, died on Sunday in Gapyeong, South Korea at the age of 92.  Hospitalized with pneumonia, he expired just before 2 a.m. local … Continue reading

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The Naked Prince (this post is likely to be banned in the UK)

British royal Prince Harry caused quite a sensation in August 2012 when he was filmed cavorting naked with his equally clothing-challenged drunken buddies in Las Vegas, one of whom was later arrested on felony charges for passing fraudulent checks.  The … Continue reading

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