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Storks, Symmetry and the Concept of Argala in Jaimini Astrology

The Jaimini Sutras, aka Upadesa Sutras, is an ancient Sanskrit text of Hindu astrology, attributed to the sage Jaimini. According to astrologer Gary Gomes, whose lectures I have been fortunate to attend periodically over the years, “I believe that Jaimini … Continue reading

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The Primum Mobile in Astrology

Recently I had a conversation with an astrological colleague about Ptolemy’s geocentric model of the universe, which consists of a series of nested spheres whose motion depends upon the movement of an outermost sphere called the “primum mobile” or prime … Continue reading

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Temporal “Aspects” in Ancient Astrology

Recently I watched a Webinar by Kenneth Bowser on “in mundo aspects” which he had given at the 2022 ISAR conference. In it, he revisits a theme which he wrote about in The Mountain Astrologer in 1996 in which he … Continue reading

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