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Learn Latin Online

I’m a great fan of the great French astrologer J.B. Morin de Villefranche because he has one of the most rational approaches to astrology one can find.  Unfortunately, his writing is often dense and he can be hard to understand. … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Birth Time, Natal Chart, Grand Trines, and Frequent Shifts in Positions

With the upcoming presidential elections, I’ve been curious to study the charts of the various candidates.  Astrologer’s need accurate birth times to do predictive work, but unfortunately such data is hard to come by.  The best source is an official … Continue reading

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Will Newt Gingrich become the Republican Nominee? The stars don’t look too promising.

I came across an interesting site that sells futures on various candidates prospects for winning their party’s nomination.  Click here to see Newt Gingrich’s site.  At the same time it occurred to me that this could be treated as a horary … Continue reading

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Finding a missing passport with horary astrology.

I was intrigued by astrologer Sue Ward’s post about how she cast a horary chart and within minutes located her passport, which went missing while she was in the process of moving house. Sue teaches a course in traditional astrology and … Continue reading

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Eccentric Dictator Kim Jong IL dies Dec 17, 2011 – A Quick Look at his Astrological Chart

The bizarre dictator of North Korea (known for his bouffant hairdo, oversize glasses and elevator shoes) apparently died on December 17, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. of a massive heart attack brought on by years of overindulgence in lusty women, rich foods, cognac and … Continue reading

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The Spread of Ignorance about the Zodiac

Every so often a news story breaks that scientists have identified a 13th “sign” of the zodiac and therefore astrology is based on false premises.  Usually this hoax is perpetrated by the media which is more interested in attracting viewers … Continue reading

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The Anareta and Death in an Astrological Chart

Recently I came across a terrific astrology blog by the Greek astrologer Petros Eleftheriadis and I’ve been reading through his various posts, which are always thought-provoking.  Today I was reading his comments on the chart of a young man who was … Continue reading

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