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Student Vanishes in Bloomington, Indiana

In the early hours of Friday June 3, 2011, a college student, Lauren Spierer (born Jan 17, 1991), went missing without a trace in Bloomington, Indiana.  To date (June 26, 2011) she has not been found.  This story has gotten … Continue reading

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Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas reveals he is an undocumented immigrant. What does his horoscope say?

Jose Antonio Vargas was born in the Philippines on Feb 3, 1981, time unknown.  At the age of 12 his family sent him (illegally) to the USA.  Based on a sunrise horoscope (the actual birth time would give more accurate … Continue reading

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A Thank You!

A friend just emailed me about a comment on Twitter by Marcus Katz, a tarot expert who has an excellent site called Tarosophy Tarot Town.  Marcus’ site offers thoughtful courses and other resources for students of tarot.  In fact, I’ve … Continue reading


Anthony Weiner resigns (June 16, 2011, around 2:25 pm edt)

This is a follow-up to my blog of June 11, 2011, regarding Anthony Weiner’s troubles.  As expected, he resigned as transiting Neptune crossed over his natal Saturn.  Based on the transit of Neptune over his natal Saturn, I was expecting … Continue reading

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The Anthony Weiner Internet Sex Photos Scandal

Congressman Anthony Weiner has gotten himself into a real pickle this past month by sending explicit photos to women he met on social media sites.  Too bad he hadn’t consulted a good astrologer at the beginning of the year.  He … Continue reading

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